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The Door

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A positive outcome takes initiative. In his poem, ‘The Door’, Miroslav Holub commends us to initiate change by symbolically opening the door. Recognising the importance of change Holub repeats his command several times in the poem, ‘Go and open the door’. To inspire us to accept change he lists possibilities you can find on the other side of the door. Magic city is purely imagination. Holub is persisting us to be in a positive mental state once we initiate change. In his poem, ‘The Door’, Miroslav Holub encourages you to seek and welcome any kind of change in your life.

By initiating change, you encounter different obstacles and even if it is just small Holub believes it will still enhance your life. Even if it is barely anything such as ‘hollow wind’, the intention of making a change will make a difference. No matter what, Miroslav Holub motivates us to take the chance. There will possibly be a ‘The Door’ gives you assurance that beyond the obstacle you face there will be better outcomes as long as you allow yourself to progress and think positively. ‘If there is a fog, It will clear up. ’

Once the fog clears up Miroslav Holub inspires us by listing possibilities that may be waiting for on the other side of the door. ‘a tree, or a wood, A garden, Or a magic city’ A magic city is imaginative. Holub motivates us to ‘Go open the door’. He commands us to ‘Go open the door’ because he believes the change in our life will benefit us. Even if there is just ‘hollow wind’, it will still benefit us. He reassures us that the ‘fog will clear up’ and the ‘darkness will tick by’ and positive change will be be waiting on the other side of the door for you, as long as you allow yourself to open the door.

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