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Script The Dolls That Nobody Wanted

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AUDIO Japanese Doll: Oh! Boxing Doll: What’s the matter? Japanese Doll: I’m awake! Boxing Doll: Of course, you’re awake! It’s midnight! Japanese Doll: Midnight! Boxing Doll: All dolls wake up at midnight! Japanese Doll: Do they? Boxing Doll: Everybody knows that! Japanese Doll: Will… will they wake up, too? Boxing Doll: Look. They are dolls aren’t they? And it is midnight, isn’t it? And I told you before – all dolls wake up at midnight! Japanese Doll: Oh! Thank you. VISUAL Boxing Doll moves a little, stretches, yawns, flexes his muscles began to shadowbox. Suddenly Not understanding Loud, slow, clear, trying to be patient with her

Frightened Looking at the others Losing his patience Japanese Doll nods in fright Japanese Doll continues to nod Pause, she is all the more frightened because the Boxing Doll talked loud at her. Timidly Boxing Doll: I’m Sorry! Japanese Doll: Sorry? Boxing Doll: For hollering. You wouldn’t know because you’re new. Japanese Doll: I was only made today. Boxing Doll: You’re pretty! Japanese Doll: Am I, Am I really pretty? Boxing Doll: I think you’re beautiful! Maybe somebody will buy you. Japanese Doll: Oh! Boxing Doll: I don’t see why somebody didn’t buy you today. The shop was full; everybody wanted dolls.

Why didn’t somebody buy you? Japanese Doll: Is it good to be bought? Boxing Doll: Yes! Japanese Doll: Why? Boxing Doll: It’s the best thing that could ever happen to a doll ? to be bought, to be brought home; to be owned by somebody, to be loved. Japanese Doll: How do you know? Boxing Doll: Never mind. I know. Japanese Doll: Did somebody buy you? Boxing Doll: Yes. Japanese Doll: Then why are you here in the toy shop? Boxing Doll: They…. they brought me back. Japanese Doll: Oh! Please don’t cry! Boxing Doll: I’m not crying! Boxing dolls never cry! Japanese Doll: Who bought you? Boxing Doll: A man…a real big man.

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He was always laughing. He came into the shop,right through that door and he looked at the baby dolls, and said “No! ” Then looked at the soldier dolls and said “Maybe” Then he looked at me and said “Yes, sir! This is the one! ” and he picked me right up! Japanese Doll: Did he like you? Boxing Doll: He put me on the counter and he said to the toymaker, “I like this one. Does he box? ” Japanese Doll: Do you box? Japanese Dolls smiles and is not afraid anymore. Walking around her Happy Sober judgment. This is too much for Japanese Doll. She looks down blushes. Wondering Curious With emotion Wondering

Brushing away his tears, because a boxing doll should never cry Guessing This is the worst shame for any doll Touched. She puts her hand on his shoulder. Boxing doll is crying Ashamed, angry Remembering his days of glory Proud Breathless with excitement Boxing Doll: Sure, I box! The toymaker wound me up, and I worked out, right there on the counter! And when he saw me working out, the big man laughed and slapped his knee and said, “That’s exactly what I want! I’ll take five of those! I want a boxing stable for my little boy. ” Japanese Doll: A stable? Boxing Doll: That’s what you call when a man owns many boxers.

Japanese Doll: Oh! Boxing Doll: So he took me home! Japanese Doll: Right then? Boxing Doll: Right then! He said to the toymaker: “You can send the other four, but I’ll carry this one! ” And he brought me to his office! Japanese Doll: Ooooh! Boxing Doll: I worked out for all the men. They stood me on the floor and I worked out. Japanese Doll: Did they like you? Boxing Doll: Everybody liked me! And that night he took me home, and he showed me to his wife, at night, after the little boy was in bed. I was a secret! Japanese Doll: Why secret? Boxing Doll: I was a Christmas present! Japanese Doll: Oh!

Boxing Doll: Then they put me in a big drawer, with many other beautiful presents, but I was the only doll! Japanese Doll: How nice! Boxing Doll: At night I would talk to the necklace, and to the fountain pen, and to the eggbeater. Japanese Doll: An eggbeater! Boxing Doll: It was a beautiful silver eggbeater. Japanese Doll: Oh! But how did you get back here? Boxing Doll: Oh. . . that!. . . Yeah. . . The other boxing dolls arrived. The four of them. Japanese Doll: And what happened? Boxing Doll: Well, one night the big man took me out of the drawer. He said: “Come on, champ. ” That’s what he call me, champ.

He said: “Come on, champ. We have some sparring partners for you. ” So he set me up against another boxing doll, and that other boxing doll Pitying her for her ignorance Humbly Proud Excited Happy for his triumph Modesty. Shadowboxing Pause Lost in memories Defending his fellow presents Boxing Doll is smiling with the memories Brought back to earth Proud hit me, and I fell down! Japanese Doll: No! Boxing Doll: Yes! I fell down. So the big man stood me up again, and said: “Come on, champ. Go get him. ” This time I tried real hard, but the other boxing doll hit me only once, and I fell down again!

Japanese Doll: No! Boxing Doll: Yes! He tried me against all the other four, and each one knocked me down immediately. When the other four boxed with each other, they stayed up, but if any of them boxed with me, I fell down. Japanese Doll: Did you get hurt? Boxing Doll: My paint was scratched… Well, the big man picked me up and said to his wife: “Marge… that was her name ? Marge… He said: “ Marge, you better take this one back and exchange it. There’s something wrong with its equilibrium. ” Japanese Doll: Equi… equi…. Boxing Doll: E – qui – lib – ri – um. That means balance. Japanese Doll: Oh!

Boxing Doll: So they put me back in the drawer. And that night, at midnight, when we all woke up, the other boxing dolls told me that they were very sorry. Japanese Doll: They shouldn’t have knocked you down! Boxing Doll: No. It wasn’t their fault. A boxing doll has to box… It was my fault! I couldn’t stand up… I’m defective. Japanese Doll: You’re not! Boxing Doll: Yes, I am. I’m defective…So I crept out of the drawer and went to bed of the little boy ? the one who was supposed to get me ? and the painting angels where there. Japanese Doll: The Painting angels? Boxing Doll: The angels who paint the lines on your face at night... nd the painting angels told me that the little boy was dreaming of me! Japanese Doll: How old was the little boy? Boxing Doll: Three…with black curls on his forehead…He never saw me, except in that dream…So I kissed him goodbye…and I went back to the drawer … and …. And…. And here I am. Horrified Slowly He chokes a little Japanese Doll: Couldn’t…couldn’t the toymaker fix you? Boxing Doll: He never tried… I’m the doll that nobody wanted. Japanese Doll: I like you! . . I… I think you’re a very nice doll. Boxing Doll: Thanks… I… I hope somebody buys you. Japanese Doll: You think they might? Boxing Doll: Sure. . . ou’re very pretty. Somebody will buy you. . . Japanese Doll: Oh! Boxing Doll: What’s the matter? Japanese Doll: My left arm! Boxing Doll: What’s the matter with your left arm? Japanese Doll: I don’t have one! French Soldier: Viola! Merci beaucoup! Dou pain s’il vous plait. Chevrolet coupe. What goes on here? Boxing Doll: She doesn’t have any left arm! Siamese Virgin: The poor, poor thing! Chinese Maiden: Never mind. You are very beautiful. Even with only one arm. You are very beautiful. Japanese Doll: But nobody will ever buy me, with only one arm! Muslim Warrior: Maybe the toymaker could sell you at half price!

Japanese Doll: Half price! Igorot Dancer: Couldn’t the toymaker give her another arm? Boxing Doll: He won’t. He never does. French Soldier: He makes no effort to repair us. Mias non! No effort! Japanese Doll: If he made the rest of me so beautiful, could he not give me just one more arm? Siamese Virgin: I do not know why this is so. But he does not repair us. French Soldier: Like my leg. My stiff leg. A leg with no joint! Could he not put a joint? Yes! But does he put a joint? No!.... Bah!... Who wants a soldier with a stiff leg! Siamese Virgin: At least your defect is hidden. French Soldier: Yes, at least it is hidden.

It’s not so bad. Wanting to console him With the mother instinct Suddenly Startled And sure enough, she has no left arm! All the other dolls begin to wake just now, and they wake up faster because both Japanese doll and boxing doll are very excited over this new discovery. She kisses the Japanese doll In tears Bursting into tears In tears She is very calm and quiet. There is no resentment in her. Fierce, angry. He marches around. His right leg is rigid. Quietly Ashamed Japanese Doll: Where are your hands? Siamese Virgin: Did you notice only now? Chinese Maiden: She has no hands. Siamese Virgin: It does not matter.

French Soldier: It does! It does matter! The toy maker is unjust! He has been unjust to all of us! Japanese Doll: To all? Boxing Doll: We are all defective. Siamese Virgin: We are the dolls that nobody wanted. French Soldier: She has no hands, but she has very sweet disposition. She is the kindest of all the dolls! Chinese Maiden: That is true. Igorot Dancer: Do not feel badly, because you have one arm. I am a dancing doll. All my sisters are dancing dolls. But I cannot dance…. My sisters are most graceful… All of them were bought…. But look at me…. No one wants a dancing doll that cannot dance.

Muslim Warrior: I’ll kill him! I’ll kill the toymaker! Igorot Dancer: He only says that. He can’t kill anybody. Muslim Warrior: Yes… That is my defect… I cannot draw my kris… All my brothers could. They could draw, and brandish their blades above their heads, and fight! But I…. I am a Muslim warrior, whose hands stops right here. Igorot Dancer: It is better that way. Muslim Warrior: You are a dancer who cannot dance, and I am a warrior who cannot fight. Both of us are doomed to stay in this shop forever. Chinese Maiden: It is a beautiful shop. Japanese Doll: I don’t see anything wrong with you?

Chinese Maiden: That is because I am sitting down. Japanese Doll: What is he trying to say? Boxing Doll: The Chinese maiden ? she has no feet. Chinese Maiden: It is nothing. Japanese Doll: What is the matter with him? Boxing Doll: He can’t talk. Japanese Doll: Should he be able to talk? I’m sorry. What is he trying to say? Suddenly, to the Siamese Virgin Quietly Defending the Siamese Virgin To the Japanese doll She moves and her motions are stiff, jerky awkward Savage Gently Sadly He tries to draw his kris, and the hand comes to a sudden stop six inches from the scabbard Gently Dejected

Walking around the Chinese maiden The American Indian makes signs, slaps his moccasined feet and makes an negative gesture with his hand. With a gentle gesture of the hands Pointing to the American Indian The American Indian makes eloquent signs, telling her many things. She is embarrassed Turns to the boxing doll Boxing Doll: That his brothers ? all of them ? could talk. Not only talk, but whoop and holler. That is why they were all bought, because they had such a splendid wharl whoop. But this one—he is a silent redskin. Nobody wants him. Chinese Maiden: He is very good. Japanese Doll: We all have defects.

Boxing Doll: Yes. Japanese Doll: We are the dolls that nobody wanted. Boxing Doll: Yes. French Soldier: It is the fault of the toymaker! Muslim Warrior: He didn’t have to make us all defective! Boxing Doll: He didn’t have to make me so that I always fall down! French Soldier: Why am I cripple? Because he wanted me to be a cripple? Boxing Doll: Right! French Soldier: The toymaker is wicked and evil! Boxing Doll: Right! Muslim Warrior: Let us destroy him! Boxing Doll: Right! Siamese Virgin: How can you destroy him? We were nothing. He made us. Should we not be grateful for our hands and eyes?

Hands are wonderful. Igorot Dancer: All things are wonderful. Boxing Doll: I am a boxer who can never win. Igorot Dancer: Even defeat is wonderful. French Soldier: Women! Bah! Siamese Virgin: He made us out of his mind. He never went to Siam. He never saw out temples there. He never saw a Siamese Virgin. He read of us in books, and he dreamed. He dreamed of me, and made me, and loved me. Should I not be grateful? French Soldier: Loved you? When he gave you no hands? Siamese Virgin: I do not know why I have no hands. But there is a reason. I am sure there is a reason. French Soldier: Your sisters had hands!

Siamese Virgin: Ah, yes! My sisters! They were beautiful!. . . do you remember the first night we were made? Do you remember how we danced? French Soldier: I remember. Boxing Doll: I remember. Muslim Warrior: I remember. Defending the American Indian. The Indian kneels beside her and she puts her hand to his forehead. The American Indian makes signs Quietly, to the French Soldier. The male dolls are crestfallen. They are helpless and know it. Fiercely Puzzled, a little confident Dreaming Japanese Doll: I was not here. I was not yet made. What was it like? Siamese Virgin: Well. . . you see. . . n Siam the music is a little different. The music is like this. . . Japanese Doll: Beautiful! French Soldier: The very night that they were made, my brothers were made, too! How brave! How gallant! How noble! Ah, if you would have seen them! Japanese Doll: Were they like you? French Soldier: Like me? Cripples? Not they! They were quick, and strong, and discipline! Do you remember how they marched around the shop? Igorot Dancer: I remember! Chinese Maiden: I remember! Japanese Doll: I wasn’t here. French Soldier: Well. . . with drums. They used drums, see?. . . and everything was in cadence. . . with the rifles. . with the long bayonets. . . the drums beat, the trumpets blared, and then the soldiers came. . . Japanese Doll: Bravo! Were they all bought, your brothers? French Soldier: All but me. Siamese Virgin: The man who bought them – he did not know the soldier dolls as we know them. Franz was the best of all! French Soldier: You are very kind. Siamese Virgin: But Lani – she is a real dancing doll! You should have seen her sisters when they were new! It is wonderful how the toymaker made them! So graceful! You would think they were real! Japanese Doll: That was the first Filipino dance I have ever seen!

Igorot Dancer: I do not know if we are Filipinos. She continues to explain, with gestures, and lo, she describe it so vividly that we know longer hear her voice, we really hear the music! And when she describe the dance, you could swear the Siamese dancer were there in the toy shop, dancing! They could not be, of course, but the dolls have powerful imagination, and when she finishes, it certainly seems as if we had seen a dance. Contemptuous of himself It seems as if there are soldiers in the shop At the end of description claps To the Siamese Virgin He kisses her hand To the Japanese doll

Pointing to the Igorot Dancer Tom-tom, and by the golly, there are Igorot dancer! They are real! Well, I guess anything can happen in a toy shop on Christmas eve. Claps when they are gone Muslim Warrior: Of course, you are Filipinos. You were here first! You were here – your people ? even before my people. . . And my people – we came at the dawn of history! Japanese Doll: Who are your people? Muslim Warrior: The Muslims! My brothers. . . My people. . . Igorot Dancer: Our people! Muslim Warrior: Yes. . . North and South. . . different dress, different food, different dances, different tongues, but. . .

Igorot Dancer: One heart. Muslim Warrior: Yes, one heart. Japanese Doll: Did your brothers dance? Boxing Doll: Well, not exactly dance. We . . . we worked out. Japanese Doll: You always say that. Worked out. What is “worked out”? Boxing Doll: Well. .we . . . we just. . . work out. I mean . . . we well, skip rope, and then we punch the light bag. The rope skipping is for footwork. The light bag is to make your eyes quick, and to give you timing. Then calisthenics, and weight pulling, and the heavy bag, and then sparring. Japanese Doll: I do not understand a single word. Boxing Doll: Look. . . I will explain. Roadwork. Let’s start with roadwork. . . Japanese Doll: Ah! I see! Boxing Doll: Whew, what a workout! Japanese Doll: Workout? Boxing Doll: Oh, no! No! That means another thing. I mean. . . Is that so? Oho! Oho! Is that so? Japanese Doll: Don’t fight! Boxing Doll: He says his brothers could lick my brothers any day in the week. And twice on Sunday! He says his brothers could beat my brothers six times a week and twice on Sunday. Chinese Maiden: He comes from San Beda. Boxing Doll: I’d like to see your brothers. I’d just like to see ‘em. Proudly. And there they are! They look fierce and can certainly swing a kris.

They don’t have any trouble getting them out of the scabbards. To the Boxing doll Desperate. Boxers are working out in the toy shop. At end Mopping brow Suddenly American Indians signs to the Boxing Doll. The American Indians signs again. Boxing Doll looks tough. The American Indians signs. Boxing Doll is enraged. Happy The American Indian claps his hands, and. . Japenese Doll: How wild! How blood-thirsty! Is he wild? Chinese Maiden: He is very gentle. Japanese Doll: What does he say? Chinese Maiden: He says you ought to see my sisters. He says my sisters are very lovely. Japanese Doll: What does he say?

What is he saying? Boxing Doll: He says that of all the Chinese dolls that the toymaker made, the loveliest is Lau Ying. Japanese Doll: The loveliest is Lau Ying. Who is Lau Ying? Chinese Maiden: Even though I cannot walk? Japanese Doll: I can translate that! He says that you are by far the loveliest, even though you cannot walk. Chinese Maiden: You should have seen my sisters. Japanese Doll: Did. . . Did I have any sisters? Boxing Doll: You did! Japanese Doll: Many? Boxing Doll: Many. Japanese Doll: Where are they? Boxing Doll: They were all bought. Japanese Doll: All bought, except me.

Boxing Doll: The toymaker made you last, just today, after all the others were sold. Japanese Doll: He must have made me in a hurry, to have forgotten my arm. there they are! In fact, you hear them long before you see them because they come howling and whooping into the shop, complete with tomahawks and almost scalp the Boxing Doll but the silent Indian stop them. When they are gone. To the Chinese Maiden pointing to the silent Indian. Putting her hand on the Indians arm. The American Indian signs eagerly. To the Chinese Maiden. The American Indian signs again eagerly. She flushes with happiness.

The American Indian signs again earnestly and she hangs her head silently. The Chinese Maiden shakes her head and will not talk. Her eyes are on the ground. The American Indian signs again earnestly. Japanese Doll looks at the Boxing Doll. Carefully Pauses while she thinks about this. Suddenly. Boxing Doll points to the Chinese Maiden. The American Indian nods contentedly. Looks up at him. The American Indians signs to her. Happy. The Chinese Maiden looks at her. Shakes her head sadly The sisters come gracefully; they are all lovely but Lau Ying is the loveliest of them all. When they are gone Hangs her head in shame

Siamese Virgin: The toymaker is never in a hurry. Japanese Doll: Then why did he forget? Siamese Virgin: The toymaker never forgets. Japanese Doll: You mean. . . you mean he left my arm off deliberately? Boxing Doll: Yes. French Soldier: He made us all defective, deliberately. Japanese Doll: How cruel! Siamese Virgin: There must be a reason. French Soldier: The reason is that he is a mean and a wicked toymaker! Siamese Virgin: Don’t say that! Japanese Doll: But my sisters – my beautiful sisters – they all had arms? Siamese Virgin: Yes, they all had arms. Boxing Doll: Why? Japanese Doll: Why what? Boxing Doll: Why do I fall down?

French Soldier: Why is my leg stiff? Igorot Dancer: Why am I so awkward? Muslim Warrior: Why does my hand stop, right here? Siamese Virgin: It is not because the toymaker is defective. He could have made us perfect, if he wanted to. Japanese Doll: But he didn’t want to. Boxing Doll: Why? First Painting Angel: Why, what? Second Painting Angel: Yes, why, what? Boxing Doll: Why did the toymaker make us all defective? Japanese Doll: Who are they? Siamese Virgin: They are the Painting Angels. Japanese Doll: Painting Angels? Siamese Virgin: Yes. At night they go around while people are asleep and paint the thought lines into all their faces.

First Painting Angels: It’s wonderful work! You know where we just were? Looks from one doll to the other. They hang their heads. Tries not to cry Tries to defend the toymaker. Consoles her, the Japanese girls come softly into the toy shop, and maybe. . . maybe. . . these are the prettiest of all. They have fans, of course, and parasols, and this helps them to look beautiful. When the Japanese dolls are gone, all are silent, all thinking the same thing. Tries to draw his kris for a thousandth time, and angry Loud, clear, strong, voicing the silent rebellion of all of them. Two little angels pop in the toy shop.

They carry paint and brushes. Boxing Doll: Where? Second Painting Angels: At the toymaker’s! First Painting Angels: We were painting the thought lines I his face. On Christmas Eve the thoughts of everyone are beautiful, but the toymaker’s thoughts – they were the prettiest of all! Boxing Doll: What was he thinking of? Second Painting Doll: He was thinking of you. Boxing Doll: Us? First Painting Angel: Yes, all of you. He was thinking of the dolls that nobody wanted. Boxing Doll: What was he thinking about us? French Soldier: Was he sorry because of the money he lost when nobody bought us? First Painting Angel: No.

Muslim Warrior: Was he gloating over our misery? Was he happy because we are sick? Second Painting Angel: Oh, no! Japanese Doll: Angel, what was he thinking? First Painting Angel: Well, he always thinks of all the dolls he has made. He loves every one. Boxing Doll: Loves! Ha! First Painting Angel: Yes. He loves every one. But he cannot keep any, because he is such a good toymaker that all his dolls are beautiful and so people buy them. As soon as he makes a doll, someone falls in love with it and buys it. He wants to keep his favorite dolls, but he cannot, because he is a toymaker and he has to sell whatever people want to buy.

Boxing Doll: What has that to do with us? First Painting Angel: I’m getting to it. Everytime the toymaker sells a doll we have to paint a little sad line into his face, because he loves each doll so much. But tonight – tonight he was thinking of you, and all the lines are smiling lines. Japanese Doll: Why, angel? Boxing Doll: Why? French Soldier: Why? Siamese Virgin: Angel, please tell us why? First Painting Angel: You are the dolls that he loves most…He always loved you best Grimly Cheerfully Casually Snorting in contempt Fierce Quietly in earnest even before he made you, even when you existed only in his mind.

And he knew, from his long experience with toys, that if he made you perfect you would go away from him. So he made your leg stiff, soldier. And he left off your hands my little virgin. And he made you so you could not win. And he made you so you could not win. He made you so you would always lose, and would be his, forever. Japanese Doll: You mean. . . he wants us. . for himself? Second Painting Angel: You are the ones whom the toymaker loves. First Painting Angel: There was no other way to keep you. Siamese Virgin: I knew there was a reason! Second Painting Angel: You see, the toymaker always thinks of all his toys.

He never forgets a single one! Tonight, while he was sleeping, they were dancing through his head, all of them, the Siamese Temple Girls, and the brave French Soldiers. . . Second Painting Angel: They are always in his mind, even when he should be sleeping – the Igorot Dancing Girls and the Muslim Warriors. . . He never forgets them, no matter how far apart they are, even if they are on the opposites sides of the earth – the American Indians and the lovely Chinese Maidens. . . He never forgets you, sweet little Japanese Doll, even though you have only one arm. . . and he never forgets you, Boxing Doll, even though you never win. . First Painting Angel: But you. . . the defective ones. . . you are the ones he wants for himself. Of all the toys that the toymaker has made, he loves you the best. Second Painting Angel: That’s why you’re defective, soldier. Sighing deeply Across the shop, the soldiers and the maidens dance, just as they danced across the mind of the toymaker. Together they dance Together they dance. They claim the American Indians came originally from China, over the Bering Sea, and when you see them dance together you think maybe this is true. . . The Japanese Dolls and the boxers, all mixed up, are in the mind of the toymaker.

Putting her hand on the shoulder of the French Soldier. Suddenly, the clock strikes, all stop, frozen, listening. One – two – three- four – five – six! Boxing Doll: Six o’clock! Muslim Warrior: Here comes the toymaker! Toymaker: Poor little Chinese Doll! You feel rejected. When all the other dolls were bought, and you were left – it was like a slap in the face. . . like a slap in the face. . . Roman Soldier: Answerest thou the highest priest so? The Man: If I had done evil, give me testimony of the evil. But if well, why strikest thou me? Toymaker: My warrior. . . my warrior who cannot fight. . . he other dolls were taken and you were left here. You were rejected. Others were chosen, instead of you. . . that is painful. I know. . . Crowd: Barabas! Barabas! Give us Barabas! Pilate: But what shall I do with him? Crowd: Crucify him! Crucify him! Pilate: Shall I crucify your king? Crowd: We have no king but Caesar! Barabas! Free Barabas! Away with this man! Crucify him! We have n king but Caesar! At the door, loud, strong, clear. The dolls hurry back to the position they were in when we first saw them, in the blue moonlight. The two angel steal softly away. The toymaker opens his door and comes in.

He is a white haired, gentle old man, and we can see his face the lines that the painting angels have painted – the sad lines and the smiling lines. He goes from doll to doll, looking at each one. He stops to look at the Chinese Doll. Music: Chinese theme Gently Outside of the shop, somewhere beyond the street, we see a man standing with his hands bound, and two Roman Soldiers standing beside him. Harshly. The soldier turns and slaps the man across the face. We hear the slap, loud and clear. Slowly, the man disappears and we see the street again. The toymaker goes to the French Soldier. (Music: The French man’s theme)

Then he goes to the Igorot Dancer. (Music: Igorot theme) He also moves to the Muslim Warrior (Music: Muslim theme) Gently Somewhere outside the shop, and beyond the street, we see a white balcony. A man is standing on the balcony, with his hands bound behind him. Pilate, the governor, is bending over the white rail. Pilate washes his hands. The crowd shouts A Lone Harsh Voice: Barabas! Toymaker: My Boxing Doll. . . you are always falling down. . . you lost in public. . . you were shamed and humiliated. . . you fell, not dance, but many times. . . that is painful. I remember. The Man: Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do!

Boxing Doll: Lord, remember me! French Soldier: Remember me! Muslim Warrior: Remember me! The Man: This day. . . this day thou shalt be with me. . . in paradise! Triumphantly. Slowly the balcony fades, and we see the street again. The toymaker goes to the Siamese Virgin and looks at her, his head to one side. (Music: The Siamese Theme) Toymaker goes to the American Indian and looks at him with love. (Music: Indian Theme) He goes to the Japanese Doll (Music: Japanese theme) Finally, he goes the Boxing Doll. Outside the shop, and beyond the street, we see the man carrying his cross.

He is flanked by two soldiers and two workmen, who have hammers and nails. . . The man falls. The crowd roars. The two soldiers lift the man to his feet. They strip off his clothing. One of the soldiers carries the clothing away triumphantly. The other soldier forces the man down on the cross. The workmen nail him to it. We hear the sound of the hammers. Nailing is finished. . . The cross is elevated. The man hangs there while the soldiers roll dice for the robe, and the workmen sit at the foot of the cross. Suddenly wheeling toward the cross. Suddenly turning toward the cross. Turning toward the cross.

The American Indian makes a painful, inarticulate sound which means Remember me. The girl dolls turn slowly to the cross and lift up their arms in supplication. On the cross Slowly, the cross fades and we see the street again. The dolls turn toward the door of the toymaker. He is standing there, with his arms outstretched. The dolls turn to their original position. Slowly the toymaker comes down the steps and goes to the Boxing Doll and the Japanese Doll. He stands between them, looking from one to the other. Then he puts his hand, gently, on the shoulder of the Boxing Doll. Music-up full to finish.

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