The Crucible Act 2

What is “wintery” about the home at the start of Act 2?
The marriage of John and Elizabeth is a little cold right now; she acts coldly toward him. Also references there will be rekindling in their marriage since spring comes after winter.
What is John’s response to Elizabeth’s prodding?
He is mad, aggravated, and thinks she’s judging him.
Explain the metaphor of the “everlasting funeral” in Elizabeth’s heart.
He means Elizabeth won’t let go of what he did and won’t forgive him.
How is Abigail a “saint” in the proceedings?
No one knows about the affair with her and John Proctor and she gives the people of Salem validation to blame people.
What motivates John to hold back from going to town?
He doesn’t want Abigail to expose what they did because he doesn’t want to ruin his reputation and he has no proof to deny it. (in this aspect he is like Rev. Parris)
Elizabeth says that the judge lives in John’s own heart. Who is right in this argument? And what is the important quote she said?
Elizabeth is right — he thinks she judges him because he won’t forget the wrong he did. Elizabeth said, “I do not judge you. The magistrate sits in heart that judges you.”
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What gift does Mary give to Elizabeth and what is it’s significance?
Mary gave her a poppet; which led Elizabeth to be accused of witchcraft.
What was the evidence against Sarah Good?
She is old, unmarried, and pregnant.
What does Mary think that Sarah Osbourne did to her?
She mumbles, doesn’t know her commandments and supposedly choked everyone with her spirit.
How is the accusation of Elizabeth different from the others? What could this signify in the trial?
Elizabeth is a farmer’s wife and well respectable; they actually had proof that she could be a witch. Now people know anyone, even the most respected, can be accused of witchcraft.
Why does Mary want to be a part of the trial?
She wants power and she wants protection from being accused.
What does John’s blush mean to him and Abigail?
John is feeling ashamed, but to Abigail it means he still likes her.
What does the following quote mean: “The promise a stallion gives a mare I gave that girl”?
It means he didn’t care about her and it was just sex, nothing more.
Why doesn’t Proctor want Mary back in court?
He doesn’t want her to be apart of accusing “witches”.
Why does Elizabeth think that Abigail wants to kill her?
Abigail wants to take her place.
Why did Hale come to the Proctor home and how has he changed?
He wanted to see why a respectable household was accused/mentioned in the court. He’s changed because he’s starting to have inner doubt.
What is suspicious to Hale about the Proctor home and its inhabitants?
John didn’t go to church on the Sabbath Day, one child isn’t baptized, and he couldn’t say all of his commandments.
Which commandment does John forget and what does this mean?
He forgets the commandment about adultery. He didn’t want to say the last one because that’s the one he broke.
When Hale and Proctor speak, what is each man’s thought process? What is the purpose of each and how do they misunderstand each other?
Proctor thinks Hale is trying to accuse him, but really Hale is trying to find some good signs they aren’t witches.
What significance of the communication that is left out in Hale and Proctor’s conversation?
John answers questions in a way so he can’t be prosecuted. Hale thinks it’s a big deal that John forgot the last one, but John thinks it’s okay since he and Elizabeth know them all together.
Hale asks Elizabeth if she believes in witches; how is her response significant?
She said she doesn’t if she is accused of being one. She doesn’t think witches can exist if a good woman like her can be accused.
On what charge(s) was Rebecca Nurse arrested?
For killing the Putnam’s babies.
Who is the “brick and mortar” of the church? How so?
Rebecca is the “brick and mortar”. She keeps the church together; without her the church will fall apart.
Why was Martha taken? Who is to blame?
Because she bewitched someone from being able to keep pigs alive and she read books that stopped her husband from praying. Giles is to blame.
Why does Cheever come to the Proctor home?
He was ordered, by the court, to look for a poppet.
Explain the significance of the needle in the poppet.
It’s how Abgail was able to accuse Elizabeth.
Abigail was stabbed with a needle; does Mary know her position in all of this? Why or why not?
No because Abigail is the type of person that wil cleverly find out things and turn them to her advantage.
Why don’t people stand up to Abigail?
Because they are afraid of her and she knows people’s secrets.
Why can’t Proctor look at his wife when she was taken?
It’s his fault and he can’t do anything about it.
What will happen if Proctor tries to discredit Abigail?
She would expose their affair and he would be know as a lecher.
Why doesn’t Mary want to testify in court about the doll?
She’s afraid of Abigail; she didn’t want things to turn on her where she’s accused of being a witch.
“We are only what we always were, but naked now”. What does this mean?
It means that people true-selves are coming out; people are being exposed.