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The company name is Bizzi

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BizziB Cleaning Specialists Ltd has been established since 1989, they strive to provide a unique cleaning service to all of our clientele whether they are large or small. They have personal management, proper staff training and correct supervision, they offer the very best service within the cleaning industry they also do site inspections and facility management and landscaping.

Bizzib is a private limited company. A limited company is where you only accept limited liability such as if the company went bust then they would only have to pay what they invested into the business. Handyman home solution provides property maintenance which includes painting, tiling, plastering and many more.

Aims and Objectives

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* Provide high quality service at reasonable prices.

* To survive.

* To make a profit.

Size of the business

Handyman home solutions are a small business as it is just Mr Dave Melon.

Basildon council provide many services such as benefits, waste collection, recycling, environmental health, housing, and planning. The company aims to be recognized through Essex and supply even better services to the residents under them.

The company name is Bizzi essay

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