The Color Purple

How did Albert’s wife die?
She was killed by her boyfriend coming home from church
What was the name of Albert’s first wife?
Annie Julia
Why did Sofia’s father think Harpo wasn’t good enough for her?
His mother was murdered.
Why didn’t Albert marry Shug?
His father disapproved because she was “trash”
What did Harpo build after Sofia left?
Who is Henry Broadnax?
The “prizefighter”, Sofia’s boyfriend after Harpo
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Who is Squeak?
Harpo’s girlfriend who is quick and meek
Why was Sofia arrested?
She said “Hell no” to being Miss Millie’s maid and then beat up the mayor after he slapped her
What did Sofia do in prison?
worked laundry
Who is the warden?
A white man/Squeak’s uncle
When does Squeak demand to be called Mary Agnes?
after he uncle rapes her
Why does Sofia not get to see her children when Miss Millie promises?
The engine dies so Sofia has to take Miss Millie home and get the car repaired
Who is Shug’s husband?
What is Shug’s real name?
Where are Celie’s children?
They live with the Reverand Samuel and his wife Corrine
What part of the U.S. has Nettie impressed? Why?
Harlem has successful, dignified African Americans
What ethnic group does Nettie stay with?
What does Nettie find in Monrovia?
an African country founded by ex-slaves from America who came back to Africa
What surprises Nettie about Liberia?
There are no blacks in cabinet
Who speaks Pidgin English in the Color Purple?
Joseph – the African guide
What do the people in Olinka pray to?
What are the different views on women’s roles from Nettie to Catherine?
Olinka women think that girls should not be educated; they should just be wives. They think that it is a shame that women like Nettie are thrown out to struggle alone.
Who disrupts the Olinka way of life?
rubber manufacturers come in and pave roads, make the Olinka pay rent, and charge them for water.
Who is actually Celie’s father?
an African American business owner who was lynched by white merchants
Why did Daisy marry Pa?
Her parents work for him and live on his land
What is a taboo topic to the Olinka?
private parts
Who is not Harpo’s chid that he thought was? What is wrong with her?
Henrietta/Blood clotting disease
Who is Harpo and Squeak’s child?
Suzie Q
What does Celie make? What does she call her business?
pants/folkspant, unlimited
What does Darlene, the assistant, say about Celie’s speech?
She says white people will think that she is dumb and black people will think she is a hick
What are mbeles?
People from the Olinka tribe who live deep in the jungle, refusing to work for whites or be ruled by them
Who uses the word “bloody”?
Doris Baines – the white missionary who went to Africa simply to get away from marriage requests and parties to be able to write
Why does Doris Baines have an African American grandson?
In appreciation for her writing on their behalf, the Olinka chief gave Doris wives. She educated them in England and gave them away to two young chaps.
Why did the man say Corrine’s Aunt Theodosia should be ashamed of her medal from King Leopold of Belgium?
He exterminated thousands of African peoples, so the medal is a symbol of complicity with the despot.
Why is Adam mad at Tashi?
She is undergoing facial scarification ceremony and female circumcision
What keeps Henrietta alive?
Where do Squeak and Grady go?
How do we know Eleanor Jone’s husband, Stanley Earl, is racist?
He works at his father’s cotton mill and says if Sofia’s sons fought in Africa they wouldn’t have to wear clothes
Why doesn’t Sofia want to know Reynolds Stanley?
She is sure he will be racist.
Who do the Olinka say Adam was?
The first white man
What do the Olinka say of the fact that Adam and Eve were naked?
Naked means white
Who do the Olinka say the snake is?
Africans. The white men want to attack them like they do snakes.
What does Sofia refer to herself as that angers her son?
a slave
What taboo word does Shug often use?
What means Africa in the Bible?
What phrase do the English love to use when referring to Africa?
“hard times”
Why, according to Nettie, is Africa riddled with disease and sunk in spiritual confusion?
The strongest Africans were sold into slavery
Who is the president of Monrovia?
Who owns the cocoa fields in Monrovia?
The Dutch
Who is an honorary man?
Catherine after her husband dies because she is old enough
How do the English colonize the Olinka?
They build over their land, make them pay rent, pay a water text, and work for the English
How do they know Jesus is Black?
His hair is described as being like a lamb’s wool
What is Squeak not able to do that she is able to do as Mary Agnes?
sing in public
Who were Jerene and Darlene?
Celie’s seamstrisses
What do Jerene and Darlene try to teach Celie?
how to speak proper
What do Grady and Squeak do?
smoke a lot of reefer and grow it in Panama
How is Corrine “yellow”?
Her ancestors were Native Americans who were forced to leave their homes in Georgia. They refused to leave and hid out as African Americans. Eventually, procreation led them to blend in.
What was happening in Africa when Corrine and Samuel’s aunts were missionaries?
King Leopold of Belgium was cutting the hands of plantation overseers off if they did not fulfill their rubber quota. He killed and brutalized thousands.
In the Olinka tribe post-colonialism, people at what age have to work?
eight and up
What is the name of Eleanor Jane’s baby?
Reynolds Stanley Earl
What do Sofia’s children call her?
What do the Olinka rename Adam?
Omantangu – “un naked man”