The Collegian – General Training Practice Questions

What are the five departments within the Business Division?
1. Client Development
2. Creative
3. Layout
4. Promotions
5. Sales
Describe functions of Client Development.
– Handle national clients

– Insert classifieds and insertion orders for national clients

– Answer phones and general collegian email

– Run credit cards

– Answer questions about rates, deadlines, publication dates

Describe functions of the Creative Department.
– Create client and house ads

– Create promotional materials for house events (flyers, rate card, etc)

– Create fills (Fills are Collegian promos that are put in empty spaces between paid advertisements in the paper)

Describe functions of the Layout Department.
– Lay out Daily, Weekly and Versus

– Update quota to inform Sales and the rest of the Business Division, the current number of ad inches sold compared to the same issue the year prior

– Hold papersize everyday at 4pm to determine the size of the paper based on advertising inches

– Manage Late Copy and Waiting for Payment

Describe functions of the Promotions Department.
– Manage the Daily Collegian Facebook (The Daily Collegian Promotions), Twitter (@collegianpromos), and Instagram (@collegianpromos)

– Promote Collegian contests/events (White Out T-shirt Contest, Hallowings Costume Contest, etc)

– Organize Collegian social events (apartment crawl, bar crawl, formal, etc)

Describe functions of the Sales Department.
– Sell ads to local businesses

– Make cold calls to gain new clients

– Answer questions about rates, special sections, deadlines, publications

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Name 5 Collegian products.
1. The Daily Collegian

2. The Weekly Collegian

3. Versus

4. Collegian Online

5. Collegian Mobile App

When is The Daily Collegian published?
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
When is The Daily Collegian deadline?
4pm 2 days before the ad runs in the paper
When is The Weekly Collegian published?
Wednesday (for branch campuses and alumni)
When is The Weekly Collegian deadline?
Wednesday @ 4pm the week prior to run date
When is Versus published?
Fridays of Home Football Games (Only Fall Semester)
When is the deadline for Versus?
Wednesday @ 4pm the week before the home game
What is the deadline for The Collegian website?
No deadline. All online ads are put up asap.
What is The Collegian’s phone number?
What is The Collegian’s fax number?
What is The Collegian’s address?
123 S. Burrowes Street
State College, PA 16801
What is The Collegian’s website url?
What is The Collegian’s twitter for the News Division?
What is The Collegian’s twitter for the Business Division?
Name 2 differences between display ads and display classified ads.
– Display classifieds appear on the classifieds page only

– Display classifieds deadline is 1pm the day before (The Daily)

– Display ad deadline is 4pm 2 days before (The Daily)

– Display ads are sold based on size (columns x inches)

Name all display ad rates.
1. Open Rate: $13.30 per column inch

2. PSU Rate: $11.50 per column inch

3. Associated Student Activities (ASA) Rate: $9.50 per column inch

4. National Rate: $14.70 per column inch

5. National Direct Discount: $14 per column inch

What is the difference between National and National Direct advertisers?
– National clients are companies that that place ads through ad agencies (ex: Refuel, On Campus Advertising, etc)

– National Direct clients call Client Development to place ads from outside of State College

Name at least 2 web advertisement sizes and describe where they are located.
– Leaderboard (728×90) @ top of page

– Medium Rectangle (300×250) @ top right above the fold or right below the fold

– Banner (468×60) @ center middle

– Page Curl (75×75 to 500×500) @ upper right

Name all of the forms of communication you should check when you come into the office.
1. Mailbox

2. Email

3. Department Manager

What is an I.O.? Who can sign off on one?
An Insertion Order (I.O.) is a form that details all the relevant information needed in order to place a display ad in any Collegian publication (Client info, ad size, run date(s), color, file path (where ad is saved in W drive, etc.)
What are the only two forms of credit card payment we accept?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express
Where/who should you direct complaints regarding news stories?
– Phone #: (814) 865-1828
– Editor-in-Chief: Shannon Sweeney
What are areas that the Business Manager should be the primary contact?
– Twitter and Facebook ads (signed by and turned into BM)

– Suggestions on how to improve the Business Division

– Conflicts regarding Department Manager

– Controversial advertising (must be approved by BM)

– Questions about the Business Division 🙂

What does “circulation” mean? What is our average circulation on campus? (The Daily Collegian)
Circulation is the number of people that pick up The Daily Collegian. Average circulation is around 4,000 to 10,000 a day. Monday to Thursday is usually 4,000 to 6000 while Fridays increase to 10,000.
What is The Daily Collegian’s readership?
The national average for newspapers states that 2 people reach each print copy. Therefore, our circulation multiplied by 2 is our readership. 8,0000 to 20,000. (Ex: Student brings copy of The Daily Collegian back to her apartment. Her roommate reads it also. 2 readers per one copy on average.)
What is a makegood? Can you authorize one? If not, who can?
If there is a mistake in an ad, the Business Division will run the ad again free of charge in order to ‘make good’ on the client’s payment for the original ad. The Business Manager must sign off on all makegood ads.
What time does the office open and close?
Monday to Friday. 8:30am to 5pm.
Describe the process for putting a color ad on late copy.
• Grab IO
• Fill out LC board with appropriate info
• Have manager sign board
• Hold onto IO until it’s time to take of LC
Describe the process of taking a color ad off of late copy.
• Assemble IO completely (copy of ad, IO, payment info, etc)
• Place the yellow on the LC board
• Bring plastic back to production (Becky or Cathi) or place in LC bin on wall outside their office
When is the deadline for late copy?
10am the next day
When should an ad be placed on Late Copy?
When the client states they would like to run, but we do not yet have the ad copy. Placing the ad on late copy reserves the space in the paper in time for deadline without requiring the file path for insertion by layout.

This is an extension that provides the client until 10am the next day to provide the ad copy to The Collegian.

Describe the process for putting a color ad on waiting for payment.
• Grab IO
• Fill out WFP board with appropriate info
• Have manager sign board
• Hold onto IO until it’s time to take of WFP
Describe the process for taking a color ad off waiting for payment.
• Assemble IO completely (copy of ad, IO, payment info, etc)
• Place the yellow on the WFP board
• Bring plastic back to production (Becky or Cathi) or place in WFP bin above printer 105
When is the deadline for waiting for payment?
12pm the next day
When should an ad be placed on Waiting for Payment?
When the client states they would like to run, but we do not yet paid. Placing the ad on late copy reserves the space in the paper in time for deadline without requiring the payment for insertion by layout.

This is an extension that provides the client until 12 pm the next day to get payment into The Collegian.

What are the weekly office hours and meeting obligations as a first semester staff member?
• 8 hours/week as a Biz Ops, Creative or Layout representative

• 6.5 office hours/week and 1.5 flex hours as Promo representative

• 3 hours/week as Account Executive

• Monthly All-Staff meeting on Sundays

• Weekly department meetings (depends on department)

• Weekly paper pass outs (dropping papers off around campus or downtown to increase circulation)

Who is the Editor-in-Chief of the News Division?
Shannon Sweeney
Who is the Managing Editor of the News Division?
Garrett Ross
Who is the Manager(s) of Creative?
Manager: Alex Sotiropoulos
Assistant Manager: Jackie Rogers
Who is the Manager(s) of Client Development?
Manager: Emma Rosensteel
Assistant Manager: Carly Chroman
Who is the Manager of Layout?
Marley Paul
Who is the Manager of Promotions?
Sammy Calabrese
Who is the Manager(s) of Sales?
Ad Manager: Scott Witham
Sales Managers: Maggie Elinsky and Emily Stangl
Account Manager: Devon Bentley
Who is the Business Manager?
Sara Cudemo
What kind of sponsorship advertising does The Daily Collegian offer?
Horoscope, Sudoku, and Crossword banners
How much does a Twitter ad cost?
$200 (sold in sets of 3)
If an advertiser wishes to insert an ad that would be described as controversial, what is the process for getting the ad approved?
The Business Manager must approve all controversial advertising.
What is the largest ad size available in The Daily Collegian?
6 columns by 21 inches
What is the smallest ad size available in The Daily Collegian?
1 column by 2 inches or 2 column by 1 inch (2 column/inch area)
What are the color rates in The Daily Collegian?
Open color: $220
Same color discount: $200
National color $300
Weekly color: $120
How many inches must an advertiser buy in order to receive the monthly discount rate in The Daily Collegian?
51+ receives $12.20 per column/inch
101+ receives $11.50 per column/inch
How much does a guaranteed placement cost?
25% of the base cost of the ad
How much does a position request cost?
There is no charge for a position request, but it is not guaranteed to be placed as they did not pay for guaranteed placement.
What acceptable file formats does The Daily Collegian accept?
What is the size of The Daily Collegian’s column?
1.56 inches
When should you go directly to the Business Manager about a Daily Collegian matter?
– Facebook/Twitter advertising

– Controversial advertising

– A problem with a department manager

– A problem and department manager is not in the office

If a client asked what a “Twitter ad” entailed, what would you say?
– Twitter ads are initially tweeted by @collegianpromos (the business twitter)

– The tweet includes “AD:” in order for followers to know that it is promoted content

– The tweet is then retweeted by @DailyCollegian to retain ethical separation between advertising and content while gaining the benefit of reaching the News Division’s 40,000+ followers

What year did The Daily Collegian begin publishing?
The first Penn State student newspaper was the Free Lance, published in 1887.

In 1904, the name was changed to State Collegian.

In 1911, it became the Penn State Collegian.

In 1940, the name was again changed to The Daily Collegian as the paper was printed semi-daily.

Where can someone find old copies of The Daily Collegian?
In the database, using the correct name of The Daily Collegian during that period, one can search for articles about certain people, subjects or by specific reporters.
– Ex: If someone was looking for an article about a grandparent from the 1930s, they would search Penn State Collegian with the person’s name.

There are also copies of the old papers in books upstairs outside the training room.