The Closet Creature story super teacher worksheet

What happened right after David went into Adam’s room?
David heard the noise coming from Adam’s closet.
What did David plan to do with the pillowcase?
catch the creature in the closet
What was making the strange sounds in Adam’s closet?
The boys’ cat, Apricot, was trapped in the closet.
What type of story is this?
Characters: List the main characters and briefly describe them.
Adam – brother of David; scared of sounds in the night
David – brother of Adam; sleepy in this story; Brave
Setting: Tell where and when the story takes place. Be specific
The story takes place at night, in David and Adam’s bedrooms
Problem: Describe the main character’s problem
Adam hears sounds coming from his closet. He sees the closet door opening and is afraid.
Solution: Tell how the problem was solved, and how the story ended.
David came into the room with a flashlight, he took Adam’s pillowcase and used it to
Personal Opinion: Tell whether or not you liked the story, and justify your opinion.
Answers will vary.