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The CBD of Bangor

This is a project based on how Bangor changes as you move towards or away from the centre of the town. To investigate this as a group we have formed four questions; we will answer these with evidence and explain the method in which we obtained the results. Using this evidence I will compare and analyse to delimit the CBD (Central Business District) of Bangor.

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The Four Hypotheses:

1. Is there a district change in functions at the edge of the CBD?

2. Do building heights increase towards the centre of the CBD?

3. Are rateable values highest at the centre of the town?

4. Do pedestrian counts decrease from the centre of the town outwards?

Basic Method:


I will use a planned route to find my results. As Bangor is generally small and close to Bangor Grammar School I shall cover my route by walking.


I will carry with me a pencil with a rubber on the end, as it is easy to correct things if I make a mistake. I will also bring a clipboard, file block, and a plastic pocket so as my work will not get wet.


I will remember to take care with traffic and bring a mobile phone in case of emergency.