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The bet

It was another lonely night for Mrs Maloney as she sat in her armchair in the middle of her living room with a cup of tea. Her husband had been out all day again in the bookmaker’s; it was if he lived there. Eventually he came home and Mrs Maloney had prepared them both dinner, but his had gone cold because she had already eaten hers earlier hoping he would have been there so they could enjoy it together.

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“Hello dear I made you some dinner in the kitchen, you’ll have to heat it up because its gone a bit cold now” she told him nervously.

He replied negatively “Alright woman let me breath I’ve only just got in the door!” She could tell he had been in the pub as well the way he staggered in the door. Mrs Maloney quietly started watching television again when she heard Mr Maloney groaning from the kitchen. Then she walked in to see what was wrong, it was just him complaining again. She let him carry on eating it but sat down at the table with him.

She asked, “So how was your day dear?”

But he replied, “Let me finish my dinner first” So she did. “My day was crap, I didn’t win anything” Mr Maloney told her.

“My day wasn’t brilliant either, but I found something out” She informed,

“What’s that then?” Mr Maloney asked,

“You know Jim from the butchers.” She replied

“Yes” he said curiously

” Well his wife is expecting a baby. Isn’t it great news” she replied.

Mr Maloney responded with no interest ” yeah great news.”

“I wish we could have had a baby.” She said.

“Well it’s too late your fifty six now and I can’t be asked.” He exclaimed, but some of it was the beer talking. She felt really depressed now like someone had just died.

It was getting late so Mrs Maloney decided to go to bed; on the way up the stairs she asked, ” Are you coming up dear?”

He groaned “in a minute”

Later when she was tucked up in bed she heard Mr Maloney switch the lights off and slowly creep up the stairs. As he entered Mrs Maloney pretended t be asleep so he wouldn’t say anything. He climbed into the bed and gradually dozed off.

The next morning she woke up and gave a big stretch only to find that Mr Maloney had gone. Mrs Maloney didn’t make a big deal out of it and carried on as if it were a normal day, which in fact it was. After she had eaten and got changed she watched the television to check out today’s news. It announced that the Grand National was running today, “that’s why he’s shot off then.” She told herself. She grabbed her coat and dashed to the town centre where the bookmaker’s is.

When she arrived it was rammed with people all doing their shopping there was hardly room to breathe, but she started searching for the bookmakers to find Mr Maloney. Mrs Maloney eventually found it but she just stood there outside thinking of what would happen if she went in. She picked up her courage and opened the door and everyone inside stared at her, she felt intimidated. She scanned around looking for her husband only to find he wasn’t there.

Meanwhile Mr Maloney was in his favourite bookmakers, which was in a nearby village about fifteen minutes away from his house. He had bet half his savings on this race because he had a feeling he was going to win. The race was about to start and Mr Maloney had been waiting around an hour for this. He was with his friend Robert who always went with him to bookmakers; they were like a partnership because they were never alone in the place. He told Robert “I know I’m going to win this time, I just know it.”

But Robert replied “yeah same old story every time” then the race was off and the horses roared out of the starting blocks. Mr Maloney was shouting at the television “come on red lightning!” he watched with his glued to the screen but the horse was failing him as usual.

The race was coming to an end and red lightning was not winning but Mr Maloney didn’t care about that anymore, he was more worried about the fact that he’d lost half his savings. He then threw his ticket into bin and shot out the door aggressively to go home.

When he arrived home he went into the house. He asked ” Mary we’re you?” but there was no reply. He then went into the kitchen she wasn’t there either. Then he went upstairs to the bedroom and seen a note on the bed. He took it downstairs because he needed his glasses. He read it and it said ” I cant live with you anymore because you are driving me crazy. I did a bet on the horses and won so I have enough money to start a new life, sorry but its for the best, yours Mary.” He was angry and swung his arm across the mantelpiece knocking of all the crystal.

Then he picked up a bottle and poured a glass of whisky, after he drank it he threw the glass up the wall and it shattered all over the floor. Then he fell to his knees and cried out “how could you do this to me!” and he fell into over and cried.