The Awakening

why would Pontellier consider his suntanned wife to be a dangerous piece of property
tanned or sunburned ‘devalues’ you if youre white
explain the significance of the parrot and the mockingbird at the beginning of this chapter
they kept repeating what other people said and synonimyses edna
who is robert lebrun
26 year old, mother is madam lebrun, he has a different woman every summer and he and edna fall in love
what is his relationship with edna
just friends
describe edna pontillier
eyes quick and bright, yellow and brown hair, handsome
what kind of person is robert
loves women, is happy and carefree, wants to go to mexico
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what do you learn about robert and edna from their conversation at the end of the chapter?
They’re getting to know each other, and are interested in what each other has to say
how does leonces behavior change when he returns from the Klein hotel reveal his attitude toward his wife
rude, controlling, and he wakes her up. And he accuses her of not taking care of the kids
what is the first sign that edna is not completely happy with her life as it is
she runs and hides and starts crying
discuss how sounds are used as a backdrop to the scene of disagreement between leonce and Edna
owl hooting and the voice of the sea. Like a mournful lulabye, which reflects ednas mood
how do the gifts edna recieves from her husband symbolize her marriage and most marriages of this time
A gift basket, candy, chocolates. They look and taste good but dont mean much
describe the unusual nature of the relationship between edna and the children
she isnt a mother woman the children are usually with the nurse
who is adele ratignolle and how is she the embodiment of the mother woman
she is edans friend.
She is affectionate with her children and liker her kids
how does the fact that edna is not a creole affect her relationship with others on grand isle
she felt exclude. Because she was a prebryterian they didnt disclose musch when it came to sexuality and gender
what is the difference between roberts present attentions to edna and his past attentions to adele ratignolle
Adele didnt take robert seriously while edna did.
compare ednas sketching with adels sewing
the sketching was mediocre, and the sewing was more practical and for the family, had a good purpose
how are edna and adele contrasted in chapter 7
their physiques were contrasted as well as type of clothing
what does the road to the beach symbolize in this chapter
it symbolizes the blossoming of their friendship
what does the flashback to ednas childhood reveal to the reader
it reveals her impulse as a child and her running away from prayer
what do you learn about edna as a person given the reasons for her mairrage to leonce
she asked impulsively. It was an accident. He pleased her with money and gifts and such
how does edna feel toward her children what does she realize about herself and her role as a mother
she was fond of her children in an uneven and impulsive way. she doesn’t miss them when they’re gone
how is the theme awakening revealed in this chapter
she realizes that shes not happy
why does adele tell robert to leave edna alone? why is he annoyed by this
because she takes robert too seriously
because he wants her to take him seriously
how is the sound of the parrot used in chapter 9
inturrupts the piano playing, it symbolizes nobody was listening to the piano except edna
who is mademoiselle reisz? how is she contrasted to edna
the piano player
she is more free spirited than edna is
what is ednas response to the music of Mademoiselle Reiz
it makes her soul sway, and spine tingle
what realization does edna come to as she walks to the water with her husband by her side
that she misses robert
how does Edna respond to swimming successfully for the first time
she has a strong sense of joy freedom and power
what realization are robert and edna arriving at on the porch of ednas cottage after the midnight swim
that they are falling for each other
explain the significance of the exchange between leonce and edna in this chapter? what is significant about the way it ends?
edna is independent for the first time
what does edna do that shes never done before
sends for robert
what is roberts reaction and in what position does it put edna in as far as her relationship with robert goes
he is pleased, seems willing to follow what edna wants to do
how does edna feel as she and robert sail to chaniere caminada
she feels a sense of freedom
who are the people aboard the ship in addition of robert and edna
the lovers and the lady in black
what is the significance of the plans robert says he has for the future? what is ednas response
monsuier fariva and the captain of the boat
what is the physical cause of ednas distress during the service?
tired from the swim, wasnt able to sleep because of strange dreams.
Shes still feeling down and oppressed, and feels like shes being constricted and confined
what is the significance of the plans roberts says he has for the future, what is her response?
he wants the two of them to sail to an island on a canoe
who is madame antoine
friend of roberts allows edna to rest at her home
what does edna do at madame antoines house how is this related to the awakening theme in the novel
she takes off her clothes washes up and falls asleep
what role does robert play during the time
hes a guardian/protector, watches her while she sleep
what thoughts has edna had about her husband and her children
wonders if leonce is worried about her, but she doesnt think much about the kids
what is leonces reaction when edna does not return with the others
worried at first then adele says shes safe then he leaves and doesnt really care
how is the song she hums after parting from robert related to the theme of awakening
a song he was singing to her and keeps repeating “if only you knew”
Doesnt know how deep roberts feelings are for her
what possible reasons are there for roberts decision to go to mexico
he mentions meeting a man for buisness. He had planned it for a long time. looking forward to seeing edna too much.
what is the setting for chapter 17? how does this contrast the previous settings?
theyre back in New Orleans. she doesnt have her freedom anymore