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The Architecture of Cathedrals and Great Churches

The nave of Amines Cathedral The Amines cathedral is the tallest complete cathedral in France, its stone-vaulted nave reaching an internal height of 42.30 meters (138.Oft).

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The lower nave completed by the sass’s under the direction of Robert De Leaches. Thomas De Cormorant completed the upper nave in the sass’s and later the radiating chapels. The plan of Amines Cathedral is like that of the other Classical cathedrals at Chartres and Reams, as well as the Notre-Dame in Paris: a three-aisled nave with a twin-towered west facade, a three-aisled transept, a five-aisled choir, an ambulatory, and radiating happens.

The whole design reflects the builders’ confident use of the complete High Gothic structural vocabulary: the rectangular-bay system, the four-part rib vault, and a buttressing system that permitted almost complete dissolution of heavy masses and thick weight-bearing walls. At Amines, the concept of a self-sustaining skeletal architecture reached full maturity. The remaining stretches of wall seem to serve no purpose other than to provide a weather screen for the interior. Amines Cathedral is one of the most impressive examples of the French Gothic obsession with instructing ever taller churches.

Using their new skeletal frames of stone, French builders attempted goals almost beyond limit, pushing to new heights with increasingly slender supports. The tense, strong lines of the Amines vault ribs converge at the colonnades and speed down the shell-like walls to the compound piers. The nave of Santa Crock Santa Crock is the largest Franciscan church in Florence. The construction started in 1295 by architect Arnold did Cambial and completed in 1442. The church is simple basilica style with a nave and two isles.

The nave is mom wide and wooden ceiling is the succession of early Christian architecture. Basically the building is modified- Gothic style which has come from Sectarian church and has bring into Tuscany. The imposing interior has a nave and two side aisles separated by slender octagonal piers from which spring spacious pointed arches with a double molding. The nave is wide and well-lit, with massive widely-spaced piers supporting pointed arches. The ancient choir placed in the central nave of the church was demolished. The Architecture of Cathedrals and Great Churches By mastoid

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