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The American Health Information Management Association

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is an association of Health Information Management professionals whose mission is to be “the professional community that improves healthcare by advancing best practices and standards for health information management and the trusted sourced for education, research and professional credentialing” (

The association provides its members educational training and certifications to better equip them for their roles as Health Information Management (HIM) professionals who occupy a number of roles from implementing electronic health records, clinical coding systems, and improving the quality of information (,

HIM professionals would find membership in this association an investment because it provides their members opportunities for continuing education keeping them at par with the latest developments of the health information management industry.

The association also trains their members to endow upon them the skills crucial in the members’ development such as leadership and professional synergy ( MemberEmployerFlyer.pdf).

The information on this website, especially the opportunities for continuing education would greatly help me in my career as a health information manager.

The knowledge I would be able to gain from the training and resource materials accessible only to members would make me a formidable candidate when I apply in a corporation.  Also, the certifications that I complete through them would open other career opportunities for me which would not have otherwise been available.

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