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The Advantages of Taking Online Classes Compared to Being in a Classroom

Thesis: The advantages of taking online classes compared to being in a classroom.1.Online Schooling a.

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Can work at your own pace from home b. Don’t have as many books to deal with c. Will not interfere with work schedule d.

Can still travel throughout the year e. Can still communicate with your teacher at anytime f. Don’t have to worry about being late for school 2. Being in a classroom a. Will spend anywhere from two to eight hours in a day in school b. Have to lug big heavy books around from building to building c. You have to juggle your time around school when it comes to work d.

Have designated holidays and time off e. The teacher student ratio can be overwhelming f. Will have to drive to school, find a parking spot and get to class on time While I was trying to decide on my options of going back to school, I weighed the pros and cons of taking classes online versus being in a classroom with my health problems. Depending on what you are going to school for, taking online classes is more beneficial than going to a college classroom. You can get your assignments and work from the comforts of your own home, without worrying about the weather.Whatever books you require for your classes are at home with you to pick up, as you will. You can continue with your full time job and do your online work once you are off from work.

You do not have to alter your family life to attend classes because you can do your work from anywhere you can access to a computer. Your teachers are always available to you to discuss your work and you can always reach them either by email or by phone. You do not have to worry about rushing, getting the kids off to the babysitter, or rushing from school to work.When you are in a classroom, again, depending on what you are going for, you can spend as little or as much as two to eight hours a day in a classroom. If you are attending a University, you will have to go from one side of the campus to the other to get to your classes carrying those big heavy books. I have seen many people in the work force having to cut back on their hours at work because they have to put in more time at school, or they have a ton of work to do and they cannot keep up with the flow.Your vacation time is limited to certain times of the year, so if something comes up, you have a lot of protocol to go through to get that time off.

I often visited the college campus where my mom worked and I would sometimes sit in on some of the classes as an observer and there would be as many as fifty students in a classroom. Most of the times your teachers are available to you, but once they go home if they do not respond to your email, they will tell you about it in class.If your school is near or far from where you live, it can take as little as twenty minutes to as much as an hour to get to school and back, which in turn can leave you with hardly any time to yourself. Finally, taking an online class gives you the benefit of not having to leave your home to attend a class room. I personally am seeing a tremendous improvement in my household, now that I am home more and I can be here for my kids without trying to work, go to school and maintain my household. On the other hand to some people, being in a classroom can give a better hands on experience in their field of study.

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