Texas A&M University Buildings

Academic Building
North; 377 Houston St
Adams Band Hall
South; 611 Lewis St
Adriance Lab
West; 211 Adriance Lab Rd
Administration Building (Williams)
South; 400 Bizzell St
Agricultural Building (Price Hobgood)
West; 375 Olsen Blvd
Agronomy Field Lab
West; 285 Agronomy Rd
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Albritton Tower
South; 200 Old Main Dr
Allen Building (Academic Bldg West)
West; 1004 George Bush Drive W
All Faiths Chapel
North; 300 Houston St
Alumni Center (Clayton Williams)
South; 505 George Bush Dr
Animal Industries
South; 423 Spence St
Anthropology Bulding
North; 340 Spence St
Analytical Services Bldg (State-Chemist Office-old)
South; 533 Coke Street
Appelt Hall
South; 660 Mosher Ln
Aston Hall
South; 655 Mosher Ln
Beasley Lab
West; 363 Agronomy Rd
Bell Building
North; 202 University Dr
Beutal Health Center
North; 311 Houston St
Biochemistry/Biophysics Blg (Bio/Bio)
West; 300 Olsen Blvd
Biological Control Facility
West; 150 Agronomy Rd
Biological Sciences Bldg E&W (BSBE/BSBW)
South; 424 Nagle St
Bizzell Hall East & West
South; 471 Houston St
Blocker Building
North; 155 Ireland St
Bolton Hall
North; 456 Ross St
Borlag Center – Southern Crops Improv. Labs
West; 498 Olsen Blvd
Brayton Fire Training Field
West; 1595 Nuclear Science Rd
Briggs Hall (Dorm 3)
South; 635 Military Mall
Bright Athletic Complex
South; 878 Houston St
Bright Engineering Building (HR Bum Bright)
North; 710 Ross St
Butler Hall
South; 525 Lubbock St
Cain Hall
South; 500 Clark St
Centeq Research Plaza
West; 1500 Research Pkwy
CE/TTI Engineering Building
North; 199 Spence St
Chemistry Building (Old-Annex-New)
North; 580 Ross St (also 646 Ross St)
Civil Engineering Building
North; 72 Ross St
Clements Hall
North; 211 Jones St
Coke Building
South; 415 Houston St
South; 676 Lubbock St
Computing Services Center (Student)
South; 731 Lamar St
Connally Building
North; 301 Tarrow St
Cyclotron Building (Luedeke Bldg)
North; 120 Spence St
Davis-Gary Hall
North; 210 University Dr
Doherty Building
North; 242 Spence St
Duncan Dining Hall
South; 777 Military Mall
Dunn Hall
South; 636 Lubbock St
Electronic Beam Food Research Facility
West; 400 Discovery Drive
Engineering Physics Building (Cain Building)
North; 180 Spence St
Entomology Lab
West; 122 Agronomy Road
Eppright Hall
South; 695 Spence St
Evans Library (Sterling C Evans Lib)
South; 400 Spence St
Facilities Building (P/P)
West; 1371 Agronomy Rd
Fermier Hall
North; 466 Ross St
Food Protein Research (Carter-Mattil)
West; 373 Olsen Blvd
Forest Genetics Greenhouse
South; 646 Lamar St
Forest Science Lab
West; 242 Agronomy Rd
Fountain Hall (Dorm 4)
South; 636 Military Mall
Fowler Hall
North; 225 Jones St
Francis Hall
North; 574 Ross St
Houston Building (FSIS)
West; 200 Discovery Dr
Gainer Hall (Dorm 5)
South; 665 Military Mall
General Services Building (GSB)
West; 750 Agronomy Road
George Bush Libr/Museum & Conf Center
West; 1000 George Bush Drive W
Golf Course Clubhouse
South; 577 Bizzell St
G Rollie White Coliseum
South; 300 Joe Routt Blvd
Haas Hall
North; 212 Houston St
Hagler Center
South; 401 George Bush Dr
Halbouty Geosciences Building
North; 611 Ross St
Harrell Hall (Dorm 8)
South; 696 Military Mall
Harrington Education Center (Classroom & Tower)
North; 544 Ross St & 540 Ross St
Harrington Hall (Dorm 11)
South; 767 Military Mall
Hart Hall
South; 460 Throckmorton
Health Science Center (Rural HSC)
West; 210, 212, 214 Adriance Lab Rd
Heaton Hall
North; 444 Ross St
Heep Building (Lab)
South; 645 Lamar St
Heep Center-Soil Crop Sciences
West; 370 Olsen Blvd
South; 466 Nagle St
Henderson Hall
North; 222 Jones St
History Building (Glasscock) Melbern
North; 398 Spence St
Hobby Hall
North; 160 Asbury St
Horticultural/Floral Science
West; 495 Horticulture Rd
Hotard Hall
North 110 Asbury St
Hydromechanics Lab
North; 177 Spence St
Jack E. Brown Building
North; 100 Spence St
Keathley Hall
North; 214 University Dr
Kiest Hall (Dorm 2)
South; 606 Military Mall
Kleberg Building (Animal Science)
West; 474 Olsen Blvd
Koldus Building (UCG)
South; 400 Joe Routt Blvd
Krueger Hall
South; 722 Lubbock St
Kyle Field
South; 161 Wellborn Rd
Lacy Hall (Dorm 6)
South; 664 Military Mall
Langford Architecture Building (Bldgs A, B, C)
North; 798 Ross St
Lechner Hall
North; 232 Houston St
Legett Hall
North; 422 Ross St
Leonard Hall (Dorm 7)
South 695 Military Mall
Library Annex
South; 400 Spence St
Lindsey Building
South; 646 Lewis St
LynnTech Building
West; 1313 Research Pkwy
McFadden Hall
North; 301 Jones St
McNew Engineering Lab
North; 185 Spence St
Medical Sciences Library
West; 202 Olsen Blvd
Memorial Student Center (MSC)
South; 275 Joe Routt Blvd
Military Sciences Building
South; 520 Coke St
Milner Hall
North; 425 Ross St
Mitchell Physics Building
North; 578 University Dr
Moor Communication Center
South; 900 Houston St
Moses Hall
North; 212 University Dr
Mosher Hall
South; 725 Mosher Ln
Nagle Hall
South; 454Throckmorton St
Neeley Hall
North; 140 Asbury St
Nuclear Science Center (NSC)
West; 2522 Nuclear Science Rd
Offshore Technology
West; 1200 Mariner Dr
Ocean Drilling Program (ODP)
West; 1000 Discovery Dr
Olsen Field
West; 955 Olsen Blvd
Parking Garage Central Campus
South; 450 Spence St
Parking Garage Northside
North; 104 Ireland St
Parking Garage Southside
South; 750 Bizzell St
Parking Garage University Center
South; 660 Throckmorton St
Parking Garage West Campus
West; 201 John Kimbrough Blvd
The Pavillion
South; 424 Spence St
Pearce Pavillion
West; 555 George Bush Dr W
Dick Freeman Arena
West; 7802 Turkey Creek Rd
Peterson Building
South; 435 Nagle St
Physical Plant Offices and Shops
West; 600 Agronomy Rd
Post Office Northside (Northgate)
North; 104 Houston St
Post Office MSC
South; 275 Joe Routt Blvd
Presidents House
South; 800 Throckmorton St
Psychology Building
South; 515 Coke St
Purchasing & Stores
West; 330 Agronomy Rd
Read Building
South; 700 Houston St
Reed Arena
West; 730 Olsen Blvd
Reed McDonald
North; 575 Ross St
Reynolds Medical Sciences
West; 206 Olsen Blvd
Richardson Petroleum Building
North; 245 Spence St
Rosenthal Meat Science Building
West; 488 Olsen Blvd
Rudder Hall
South; 770 Mosher Ln
Rudder Tower & Theater
South; 401 Joe Routt Blvd
Sanders Corps of Cadet Center
South; 475 Short St
SBISA Dining Hall
North; 233 Houston St
Schuhmacher Hall
North; 308 University Dr
Scoates Hall Ag Education
North; 333 Spence St
Spence Hall (Dorm 1)
South; 605 Military Mall
Netum Steed Research & Conditioning Lab
South; 167 Wellborn Rd
Student Rec Center
West; 797 Olsen Blvd
TAES Annex
South; 730 Lamar St.
Teague Research Center
South; 735 Lamar St
Thompson Hall
North; 510 Ross St
Transportation Center
West; 388 Agronomy Rd
Underwood Hall
South; 644 Mosher Ln
Utay Hall (Dorm 12)
South; 766 Military Mall
Vet Med Diagnostic Lab
West; 188 Sippel Rd
Walton Hall
North; 166 Houston St
Wehner Business Administration
West; 210 Olsen Blvd
Wells Hall
South; 700 Mosher Ln
White Hall (Dorm 10)
South; 736 Military Mall
Whiteley Hall (Dorm 9)
South; 735 Military Mall
Wisenbaker Engineering Research Complex (WERC)
North; 188 Bizzell St
YMCA Building
North; 365 houston St
Zachry Engineering Building
North; 125 Spence St
Anderson Track & Field
West; 922 Olsen St
Agriculture Headquarters
West; 600 John Kimbrough Blvd
Bright Engineering
North; 710 Ross St
Bus Operations
West; 444 Agronomy Rd
Cain Park
South; Near Cain Hall
Clayton Williams Alumni Center
South; 505 George Bush Dr
Concrete Materials Lab
North; 785 Ross St
Cotton Lab
West; 357 Agronomy Rd
Dairy Science
West; 2610 F&B Rd
Eller (O&M)
South; 797 Lamar St
English Annex
North; 155 Ireland Ave – Blocker Bldg
Floriculture Field Lab
South; 588 Lamar St
Food Safety Inspection
West; 200 Discovery Dr
Foundation Seed Service
West; 405 Turk Rd
Grounds Maintenance
West; 470 Agronomy Rd
Hensel Park
North; 502 S. College Ave
Horticulture Greenhouse
South; 620 Lamar St
West; 1188 Nuclear Science Rd
Hyperbaric Lab
West; (Next to NSC) Nuclear Science Rd
West; 474 Olsen Blvd
Lady Aggie Softball Field
West; 888 Olsen Blvd
Landscape Maintenance- R
North; 506 S College Ave
McKenzie Airport Terminal
West; 1 McKenzie Blvd
Parson’s Mounted Calvary
275 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy
Polo Club
West; F&B Road (near Turkey Creek Rd)
Range Science
West; 2540 Nuclear Science Rd
Reed House (Chancellor’s Residence)
West; Reed Dr
Reproductive Sciences Lab
West; 4011 State Hwy 47
Sheep & Goat Center
West; 747 George Bush Dr W
Southside Satellite Utilities Plant
South; 477 Joe Routt Blvd
Turbomachinery Lab
West; 1485 George Bush Dr W
University Apartments
North; (near Calvin Moore Ave)
Utilities Plant
North; 160 Ireland Ave
Vet Research
West; 588 Raymond Stotzer Pkwy
Wildlife & Exotic Animal Center
West; 2765 F&B Rd