Communication is a Process, Systemic or Symbolic

Choose the best explanation for the following statement.

“Communication is a process.”

Communication is ongoing.

Choose the best explanation for the following statement.

“Communication is systemic.”

Each aspect can affect or influence another part.

Choose the best explanation for the following statement.

“Communication is symbolic.”

Communication uses gestures, signs, and body language.
Which model acknowledges that a message can be sent and received at the same time?
Transactional Model
Which model overlaps the processes of Selection, Organization, and Interpretation-Evaluation?
Stages of Perception Model
Which model suggests that our “self” has four aspects that control what we share with others?
Johari Window
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Communication competence is _____.
the ability to interact with others in a manner that is honest and appropriate for the situation, individuals, and task
Self-disclosure is _____.
the revealing of information about yourself that has been hidden
Perception is _____.
the process of using our beliefs, thoughts, and observations to gather information about surroundings and people
Self-concept is _____.
a picture you have of yourself, in light of how others view you
What are the three factors that determine whether or not a person will self-disclose?
Who? What? Why?
People self-disclose most often to what type of person?
a person similar to oneself
communication is a process by which a person or group presents a message in a formal manner.
communication is communication with oneself.
communication is the transmission of messages to large audiences.
communication is a process in which three or more people interact with each other to reach a goal.
Small group
communication occurs between two or more people as they establish personal relationships.
Which of the following serve as ways to overcome subjective influences on perception? Select all that apply.

seeking clarification from others

checking perception by formulating more than one interpretation for behavior

examining the validity of a perception

is characterized by its process and its systemic and symbolic nature.

Identify why the following communication lacks competence.

Robert was with his grandparents at the symphony. The ushers had closed the doors and audience members were allowed to leave only between movements. The orchestra had begun playing and the audience was hushed by the beauty and drama of the music.

Robert suddenly remembered that he was supposed to call his friend and cancel plans to study together. He stood up, walked down the row to the exit, and began talking loudly to the usher.

“Hey, I uh . . . I’m feeling a little sick to my stomach. I need to leave.”

all the above
If a person tends to avoid self-disclosure and holds things in, which of the selves is dominant, based on the Johari Window?
Hidden Self

Read the paragraph and identify which stage of perception is active in the bolded text.

Jerome was in his bedroom listening to a CD. Suddenly, a loud screeching noise cut in over the music. While he was checking the CD for scratches, he heard the noise again and determined it was coming from the back yard. He followed the direction of the sound and found a crow sitting on one of the tree branches. Jerome concluded that the bird was at fault for interrupting his music.


Read the paragraph and identify the type of influence on self-concept.

Jay’s 10th grade literature class waited expectantly for their teacher, Ms. Chambers, to comment on the essay exam they had taken two days before. After giving her overall impressions about the class’s performance, Ms. Chambers pulled out two essays, which she described as “models that everyone else should strive to follow.” As he listened to the essays read aloud, Jay felt his heart jump; one of them was his.

perspective of others