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TED Tallk

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In my opinion, all of the videos that I watched was very informative and helpful for a person like me who is still not fully confident when speaking in public, engaging in arguments and when presenting a thesis or a report. Honestly, It's hard to maintain confidence but hearing those strategies on how to face and communicate with people helps me to challenge myself more because I believe that if it doesn't challenge me, it won't change me. In other words, if it doesn't challenge me, it won't improve me.

The TEDtallk videos are very inspiring, most of them helped me realize that every one of us is a teacher. Whoever we meet/met has something to do in our lives that can teach and put a big impact on us, especially with those people who are more experienced, with those people who started as an ordinary people to embracing their uniqueness as an individual.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks that people who gives advices are the people who fall all over again, life knocked them down so many times but they decided to get up and believes that they must scare their own fears. Why? Because we are bigger than our fears. Look at them, standing in stage, speaking in front of thousands of people because they carry so much lessons that life taught them.

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TED Tallk

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This is not from TEDtalk videos but he is one of the best examples on how to embrace our own identity and individuality, his name is Norman King an aeta who graduated from University of the Philippines Manila. I carry some of his words of wisdom in my daily life because I find it powerful and it enlightens me every day, that when you connect to his words you will feel and find the soul of dedicated and a hard-working man who have nothing to lose and who keeps fighting for their rights even though some of aetas have disregarded their culture.

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