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Technical Description Sample

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION LOT-1 PCS-01-005351 A parcel of land (Lot-1, Pcs-01-005351, being a portion of Lots-165 and 166, PLS-1110, Alilem Public Land Subd. L. R.

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C. Rec. No. ___________) situated at Brgy. Poblacion, Mun. of Alilem, Prov. of Ilocos Sur, Island of Luzon. Bounded on the S. along line 1-2 by Guis-it St. (10. 00 m. wide); on the W. along line 2-3 by Lot-167, PLS-1110; on the N. along line 3-4 by Lot-164, PLS-1110 and on the E. along line 4-1 by Lot- 2 of the consolidation and subd. plan. Beginning at a point marked “1”of Lot-1 on plan, being S. 65?. 02’ E. , 348. 29 m. from BLLM No. 1, PLS-1110, Alilem Public Land Subd. thence N. 7? 42’ W. , 16. 41 m. to point 2; thence N. 10? 27’ E. , 30. 59 m. to point 3; thence S. 69? 49’ E. , 16. 76 m. to point 4; thence S. 10? 42’ W. , 28. 29 m. to point 1; point of beginning, containing an area of FOUR HUNDRED EIGHTY FIVE (485) SQUARE METERS. All points referred to are indicated on the plan and were marked on the ground with BL cyl. conc. mons. 15×40 cms. except points 1 and 4 which are PS cyl. conc. mon. 15×50 cms. Bearings Grid, date of orig. survey was on April-May, 1983; date of consol. and subd. survey was on October 10, 2010 executed by Engr. Edmund A. Soliven and was approved on August 11, 2011. CERTIFIED CORRECT: