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Reduces the "alternatives space" but how can Positioning help to reduce degrees of freedom in design even further? Try this, what if we want to introduce a toilet paper under the slogan "My first toilet paper" - once again aimed at young children. Does that create more clarity? Does it immediately pop more specific design elements into your mind? What about price sensitivity for a product like that? Wicked parent's be price sensitive if your product is perceived to make the toilet training experience even a little less of an ordeal?

What distribution channels would you use? Wicked they necessarily be the "normal" one's for toilet paper? Can you see the advertising you would do? What about cross-promotions with "pull-up" diapers - will that make sense? Obviously there is a cost - to find a tight homogeneous target group we have to fine tune our segmentation and accept the smaller numbers this implies. However, targeting a wider group of customers does not guaranty larger sales or profit!

This is where the idea of average products comes in. Averages, instead of appealing to everyone, usually end up appealing to no one! They invite competitive entry that targets one sub-segment of the large target group you went after thus tearing away one piece of your sales at a time. Long-term this is a losing proposition unless high barriers to entry can be erected. Even then, averages tend to be a source of dissatisfaction with your product or service.

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