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Team Strategic Plan

Team Strategic Plan * Core Values: * Loyalty – stay committed to the team’s schedule. * Respect – Treat others as you would wish to be treated * Selfless Service – Put the best interest of the team and class above yourself * Integrity – Do what is right, even when no one is watching * Personal Courage – Do the hard right over the easy wrong * Operating Guidelines: * Zero tolerance for any member who refuses to contribute to the success of the team. * All team members are required to follow the Texas A&M-commerce’s code of conducts.

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* We will consult each other before taking any decisions. * SWOT Analysis: Internal Strengths- * Teamwork focused * Well rounded educational foundation * Diversity * Quantitative analysis * Writing skills * Internal Weaknesses- * 75% of members are 1st semester graduate students. * Ineffectiveness in communication because English is the second language for 75% of members. * None of the team members are familiar with APA style. * External Opportunities- * Easy access to information about Strategic Management (textbook and library). * Abilities to research online needed information. * Aptitudes to ask for help to our wonderful well-educated teacher and at the Texas A&M-commerce library. External Threats- * Geographic distance * Limited time to achieve this assignment. * The high expectations of our teacher will not allow us to present a poor documented strategic plan. * Mission: (Who, what, when, where, why) This team was organized to enhance the collective learning experience and draw from the diverse backgrounds of its team members in order to successfully complete all MGT 591 course requirements to the highest standards . * Vision: (What we want to be): we will present to this class a strategic plan on the addressed topic: The potential Impact of Compassionate Leaders on Performance Excellence Initiatives. Goals: (Must be Specific, Measurable) * Broad Goals- write a research paper on the potential Impact of Compassionate Leaders on Performance Excellence Initiatives. * Specific Goals- * 1-Submit the team strategic plan on or before 11:30p. m. CST on 9/8. * 2- Submit the team Research Paper any time before 11:30p. m. CST on 10/27 * Strategy: (The plan of how and when to Achieve the Goals & Objectives. Who will do what, when) * Strategy Formulation- in order to be fully on time with the schedule, we will use all sources of communication available such as online chat, emails, phones, and face-to-face intercourse. Strategy Implementation- * First day of meeting: we will get to know each team member, choose a topic, and brainstorming on the best ways to get this assignment done on time. * Second day of meeting: first we will set a fix and detailed schedule. Then, we will found a common ground on whether to assign each team member with a specific part to research on, or to research the topic as a whole. * From then on until the final day: we will make sure to help each other stay on schedule. * Critical Success Factors: (Only two or three): * All team members must do thorough research on the topic. It is imperative to submit on time to avoid penalties. * Effective communication among team members. * Distinctive Competencies: (Different than Core values, but in line with them): the source of our competitive advantage comes from our diverse backgrounds. Each one of us has a different culture, which enables us to provide a synergy beneficial to this research paper. * Measurements and Feedback: this section will be use each and every day to avoid any misunderstanding. At any time, we will let each other know what we think should be done.