Team Sports Final

When was basketball invented and by who?
It was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith.
How and where was the original game started? (Basketball)
It was stated with 18 men in a YMCA gymnasium in Springfield, Massachusetts.
When did basketball become an Olympic sport?
It became an olympic sport at the 1936 Games held in Berlin.
How long is a high school basketball court?
A high school basketball court is 84 feet long.
Where is the free throw line from the basket?
The free throw line is 15 feet from the basket.
How high is the basketball goal?
The goal is 10 feet high.
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How much is a field goal worth in basketball?
2 points
How much is a free throw worth?
1 point
What are the two ways to move the basketball?
The pass and dribble.
A basketball game is started by a:
Jump ball
What is a personal foul in basketball?
A player foul that involves illegal contact with an opponent while the ball is live.
How many fouls until a player is diqualified for the rest of the basketball game?
5 fouls.
The sideline and baseline in basketball are the:
Out of bounds.
When was volleyball invented and by who?
It was invented in 1895 by William Morgan.
When did volleyball become an Olympic Sport?
It became an Olympic sport in 1964
How many players are there on a highschool volleyball team?
There are six players on the court.
Is it acceptable to touch a volleyball net?
Players may not touch the net at any time, other than loose hair.
What are the three main shots in volleyball?
bump, set and spike
How many hits does a team get to return the voleyball?
3 hits.
Is a block counted as one of the three hits in volleyball?
No it is not counted
How many points are played in high school volleyball games?
25 points
A match in volley ball is best 3 out of 5 games: true or false?
The lines in volleyball are…
How tall is the volleyball net for high school girls?
7feet 4 and 1/8 inches.
What is the biggest soccer tournament called and when is it held?
It is called the World Cup and it is held every four years
When and where did soccer begin?
In england in the mid- 1800s
How much is a soccer goal worth?
1 point
Who won the 2012 2A state Championship soccer game?
Cuthertson highschool boys soccer team.
How high are the soccer goals?
They are 8 feet high and 24 feet wide.
How many people are on a soccer field at a time?
11 at a time
True or False, the goalie wears a different uniform in soccer?
The whole ball must be over a line for the soccerball to be…
Out of bounds.
When is one pointt scored in Ultimate frisbee?
When an offensive player catches the disc in the end zone being guarded by the defense.
When do you have to give control of the frisbee to the other team?
If they wait more than 10 seconds, drops the disc, throws it out of bounds or throws an interception.
How many teams and players are there in ultimate frisbee?
2 teams with 7 players each.
What was pickleball named after?
A cocker spaniel named pickles owned by on of the co-inventors of pickleball.
How is pickleball played?
It is played on a badminton court with the net lowered to 34 inches at the center.
When did pickleball get its start?
In 1965
What must the players on each side do before volleys are allowed in pickleball?
Players on each side must let the bal bounce once before volleys are allowed.
There is a _________ no volley zone on each side of the net in pickleball.
7 foot
Should serves in pickleball be done overhand or underhand?
underhand with the paddle below the waist.
True or false, the serve does not need to clear the seven-foot non-volley zone in front of the net in pickleball?
False- it needs to clear the no volley zone.
The games of pickleball is played up to how many points?
11 points.
Are the lines in bounds or out of bounds in pickleball?
Lines are inbounds.
How big is a football field?
100 yards long and 50 yards wide
How much is a touchdown worth?
6 points
How much is a field goal worth in football?
3 points
What must the offense gain in order to get a first down?
10 yards
In football, how many players are on offense? On defense?
Offense and defense have 11 players.
A football game is started with a……
A kickoff is a live ball after it travels 10 yards, meaning…..
either team can recover it.
How many quarters are played in football?
4 quarters
In high school and college football, a reciever must get how many feet in bounds for a catch?
1 foot
In pro football, a reciever must get how many feet inbounds for a catch?
2 feet
Who invented Sketch ball?
Coach little
Can the ball be dribbled or dropped in Sketch ball?
How can the ball be advanced in sketch ball
By running or throwing it.
Once a player is tagged in sketch ball…..
They can only pass.
True or false, girls count double in sketch ball?
How many teams are on the court in bootleg soccer?
4 teams
Bootleg soccer is an….
elimination game
What does bootleg soccer start with?
A scrum
How can you advance in team handball?
2 steps, 2 dribbles, 2 steps.
Where can you only score from in team handball?
outside the semi-circle (basketball 3pt line).
Team handball starts with a….
jump ball
If you jump over the semi circle arc in handball…
you must shoot
Is team hand ball an olympic sport?
In flag tag, when are you out?
when you lose both flags
Can you continue to pull flags in flag tag if you are out?
yes until the final 2
Where is flag tag played?
inside the basketball court
Do you lose or gain points in 4 way volleyball?
lose points.
Can you spike a serve in 4 way volleyball?