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Team Effective

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An effective team needs a supportive environment, good leadership, discipline, effective communication, challenge and empowerment. But in my opinion the key fundamentals of building and maintaining effective teams are; maintaining the right size, developing the right mix of skills, committing to a common purpose and performance goals, committing to a common approach and developing mutual accountability. Right Size One fundamental aspect of the building a team is to pay particular attention to its size.

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Size may vary depending on the team purpose, performance goals, approach and complementary skills and accountability, but a small group, typically less than twelve tend to be more effective. The team must have an adequate number to have the right skill mix represented and to perform it’s intended function. But the team can be too large. Large numbers of people have more difficulty interacting constructively, have more difficulty communicating, have more trouble finding common ground on specific actions and may have more issues with hierarchical differences.

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