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Teaching: Problems and Solutions

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Perhaps he was afraid that he didn’t finish his emperor so he missed class hoping he’d get it finished in time. But his lack of knowledge made him give up and resulted in him not trying at all. This all resulting to the teacher seeing Jason not trying at all.

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Which could result in failing the class. 2. ) Apply the problem-solving heuristic to come up with a list of suggestions for ways to improve or resolve the situation. He thinks the teacher isn’t good at teaching and yet he leaves early on Friday nights for lab class.

If Jason was really determined to pass the class, he would stay for lab mime and attend class more often. If he had done this, staying for lab would allow him to go over things with other class mates. Using this time could help him compare his answers and questions to resolve anything he had trouble with. Or he could even ask the teacher himself and go over what he didn’t understand. If so, he’d obtain more knowledge in this computer class, which allowed him to finish his lab homework and make him confident to attend class without worrying if he had finish him assignments or not.

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