TCU Tour

post office, union grounds, chick-fil-a, student activities suite (printing), spirit shop, id center, ballroom, Chancellor’s dining room
on campus meal plan
unlimited swipe access to market square, all you can eat, campus cash, frog bucks
crew events, dorms, tree lighting
freshman dorms
4 of 7, colby= all girls, traditions
Frog Fountain
placed on campus in 1969, renovated in 2008. each pad represents a class (tallest- seniors, shortest- freshman) and the water represents the flow of knowledge from class to class
opened in January 2010, houses several units of the AddRan college of liberal arts and the Honors college
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AddRan College of Liberal Arts
largest and oldest college at TCU, housed in both scharbauer and reed, where students learn to think critically, write effectively and communicate persuasively
John V Roach Honors College
located on the first floor of Scharbauer, the honors area features spar for small classroom meetings, a debate chamber, workspace, and academic offices. the top 7-10% of the incoming class will be invited to join the honors college upon admission (you don’t apply). if you don’t start in the honors college, you can apply at any point in time with at least a 3.5 GPA
Horned Frog Statue
commissioned in 1984 by the TCU house of representatives. crafted and donated by a TCU parent from New Mexico. The horned frog (which is actually a lizard) has been TCU’s mascot longer than TCU has been the university name. only college with the horned frog as the mascot. endangered species which you can visit at the Ft. Worth zoo. teach the hand sign. good luck to rub the statue’s nose on your first day of class or before a big test.
opened in 1911, one of the two original buildings on the fort worth campus. (the other is Jarvis) houses English, geography, history, and the study abroad office.
Study Abroad
main programs in London, Florence, and Sevilla, offer students the unique opportunity to study at foreign universities for TCU credit. students can also study in more than 50 locations throughout the world through TCU partner programs and faculty led summer abroad programs
home to the office of religious and spiritual life as well as career services. formerly a women’s resident hall, renovated and reopened in 2008 for administrative use
Robert Carr Chapel
steeple is the highest point on campus at 137 ft. the TCU alma mater plays on the hour. popular wedding site, chapel services are offered (optional), opened in 1953
affiliated with, but not governed by disciples of christ; no faith commitment or chapel requirements; one religion course required (taught from a neutral standpoint, variety of choices)
Class Size
average class size of 27, student to faculty ratio is 13:1, professors are very accessible outside the classroom
Mary Couts Burnett Library
bistro burnett coffee shop, study rooms in the basement, quiet section, loud section (group projects), 200 free prints, open 24 hours except for friday and saturday nights, information commons offers research services and tech help, frog pods
home to PDC (premium credentials, mock presentations, resumes and cover letters), flags in lobby represent the countries in which Neeley has exchange programs
Dan Rogers
houses the Neeley Academic Advising center and the alcon career center
Neeley School of Business
majors in accounting, business information systems, entrepreneurial management, finance, marketing and supply chain; currently ranked #29 nationally for BBA programs; enter as pre-business and must formally apply to Neeley to declare a business major
designed for students, team rooms available for studying and practicing presentations, sushi mama
Harris College of Nursing (Bass)
strong pass rates on national exams, start clinicals during sophomore year, purple scrubs (point out grand mark)
engineering, computer science & math complex, opened in 2002, math tutoring clinic
Sid Rich
houses a majority of the science programs, drawbridge/mote/courtyard of a castle, lecture halls (200 students largest)
Winton Scott
biology and psychology; research labs, classrooms and faculty offices; also houses the ARMY ROTC;
Clark Brother Statue
Addison and Randolph Clark- brothers founded TCU in 1873. the original name was Add-Ran Male and Female college and was the first coeducational college in the southwest. original location was in thorp springs, tx. the campus moved to waco in 1895. the school colors were adapted in 1896, purple- royalty and white-clean game. the mascot was adapted in 1897. became TCU 1902. The campus moved to Fort Worth in 1910 after a mysterious fire burnt down the main administrative building.
Fort Worth
cultural district- 10 minute drive, botanical gardens, zoo, museums, boutique shopping and downtown.
sundance square- downtown fort worth, with shops, movie theaters, restaurants, free parking on weekends, and safety.
Stockyards- historic western fort worth including Billy Bobs and Joe T Garcias
point out the restaurants and shopping, go purple friday, frog bucks, point out frog henge