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Informative Essay on Tanglewood Case 2

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Based on the environmental data, some factors that suggest Tanglewood might have difficulty filling positions is based on retail work is not desirable to recent college graduates. Tanglewood would like to hire those that can start lower at shift level and move up the chain and have a college background. However, retail is not the more desirable market since it has long hours, low pay, and conflict with lower-level employees. Developing a plan of action takes careful planning. Tanglewood has to look at the percentage of employees needed each year for each position. During the first two years, store associates will be needed mainly with 50% increase of shift leaders during year two. Tanglewood wants to make sure there is a long-term relationship with the employees, allowing them to grow within the company.

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Hiring and promoting from within helps with filling in gaps. The other way is hiring temporary employees. The only one I can tell that is out of line is the minority availability for store associates. The incumbency percent is below 80% and they have no goal set. This pattern shows that they are not hiring minorities giving them a chance to grow within the company. This means that minority shift leaders and managers will be extremely low.

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