Synthesis Paper on Cell Phones Usage in School

Robert Pohlman ENG-215 Miss Sreenan June 2, 2009 My Fifteen Minutes of Fame I arrived at the Tepala Shrine Temple to play my first gig in front of a live audience with my new band “Ben Joehoff and the Cards”. I’m Robert, the lead guitarist in our four member band. I walk into the building with my shoulders back trying to exude confidence as I carry in my two guitars, a laguna and a fender Stratocaster. As soon as I’m through the door I start looking for my friends without trying to be too obvious about it. At the same time I walk slowly toward the room where all the loud band and people noises are escaping.

I stop at the doorway. Glancing around the room, I see the judges at their table, the audience, and all the other band member “want-to-be’s” hanging around. My eyes shift to the front of the room, to the huge stage. The stage appears as promised by the RAMI’s. It is set up with everything necessary for a rock band to play professionally. I see the huge black speakers and the shiny microphones which will make us sound professional. There are lights all over, of different sizes, colors and shapes. There are lighting people, and sound people. The setup looks great and the rest is up to us.

I swallow down a dry throat, trying to keep my nerves from showing. Again, I look for my friends. Suddenly, I see Mark, or “Joker”, that is his band nickname, and, then, I see the rest of my band. I give a little sigh of relief, to myself, and, I think, “They are here, this is really happening! “. I grin at them, and hurry over to join them. Everyone is excited, nervous, but excited. We can’t wait till it’s our turn! There are several bands before us, but they play their songs way too fast. Suddenly, we’re up! This is my first time. I can feel the butterflies exploding in my stomach. I take a deep breath and walk out into the lights on stage.

The lights are so bright that it is hard to see anything off stage. I strum a cord on my guitar to make sure my volume is alright. Suddenly, I hear the sound of sticks! One, two, three, four! My turn, I hit the first cord and feel the rich sound. The crowd seems to like us. Some of my crazy friends are dancing to the music. Mark busts out with his crazy drum solo. The beat calms me somehow. Oh, no! My solo is coming up! I hope I don’t mess up! Here, goes. I just need to concentrate on the notes. Suddenly it is over! I nailed it!!! That has to be one of the best fifteen minutes of my life!

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Synthesis Paper on Cell Phones Usage in School
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