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Essay on Syllabus

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Describe their Job history since graduating and their perspectives about nursing education: entry into practice, simulation, online education . Determine how they view the problems and issues facing the profession. Also, assess their ability to treat patients holistically(mind, body and spirit) in their practice setting. Ask for suggestions that would enhance success in nursing school. Share what you have learned with the class. 3. Identify a health related issue/concern/problem in West Michigan. Apply a plan to duty the identified health concern from an epidemiological approach.

Select one of the three approaches: Epidemiological Triangle, Web of Causation or Iceberg Theory. Collect the data which would be needed to address the identified concern. Include in your results how to address the issue, how the community may treat the concern and how it could be prevented from recurring or escalating. 4. Interview representatives from a variety of cultures to learn about experiences related to coloratura events that influence their life/health. While determining people to interview, consider representatives from different age or ethnic groups, ND other subcultures.

Present your finding to the class. 5. Identify methods which could influence changes in health care delivery at the local, state and/or federal level. Consider the impact as an individual, a nurse, a member with the class. The projects will be completed by the last two class meetings. Each group will have 15 minutes to present their findings to the class. The project information must be presented in a creative manner. The first task is to designate a leader and a recorder. The names of the group members will be due at the end of the first class.

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Essay on Syllabus

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If the leader is in violation, the group members can appoint a representative to discuss the concern with the professor. 3. If the group has members that are not following the expectations as promised, but have not notified as instructed, each member of the Learning Group will receive the same grade on any group assignment. If the Learning Group does follow this commitment, individuals that are not contributing, will receive the individual grades. Preparation Followed all directions Teamwork Creativity Quality of presentation Accuracy of Information

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