SYG2430 Final Exam

An example of a longitudinal survey is a survey that is sent
Every 5 years
The institutional arena is governed by
Accepted rules of interaction
What constitutes the breadwinner-homemaker family as traditionally understood in early sociological theory?
An employed father, a mother without employment, and their children
What does it mean to refer to the family connection as symbolic?
Finding meaning in a family tie because one perceives that it has meaning
Which of the following is an example of a family tie formed by legal recognition?
Adopted parents
What is one of the ways that sociologists attempt to reduce bias in their studies?
Using publicly funded nationally representative studies
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Appropriate parental discipline is decided by
Common cultural understandings
Which of the following examples provides evidence that the role of the state is changing?
The growth of public services in health care and education
Which of the following is an example of a family tie formed by emotional connections?
A family friend who you refer to as “auntie”
In which institutional arena does wealth accumulation take place?
The market
What theoretical perspective does the following statement represent? The roles of men and women are part of an “unstable system ripe for . . . change.”
According to the textbook, why is it important for children to know the difference between family and nonfamily?
Knowing the difference is important for forming attachment and constructing personal identities.
What theoretical perspective does the following statement represent? Studies of birth, death, and migration should occur at the population level to help us better understand families
Demographic Perspective
Complete this sentence: The Census Bureau found that most participants viewed the census questions through a ________ prism, believing questions to measure state-sanctioned relationships.
How did the United States v. Windsor ruling change the legal definition of marriage?
The ruling resulted in the federal government recognizing all legal marriages performed in states.
Which of the following is an example of a cohort?
Baby boomers who all experienced the JFK assassination
The study of maleness mirrors that of whiteness in that
males and whites were neglected in early research on structured oppression.
A gender approach in which one is neither exclusively masculine nor exclusively feminine is
referred to as an androgynous approach.
All of the following are key agents in socializing people to the expected gender roles EXCEPT
Legal Systems
Because sex and gender are so closely linked, genetic predisposition affects the behaviors of men and women. This statement is most consistent with which perspective on gender?
The study in which children were asked to rate the status and pay of the fictional job of “tenic” demonstrates that
gender expectations lead to more favorable evaluations of jobs associated with men.
When it comes to feminism within religion
the Islamic practice of hijab has been a source of controversy for some women
What is “gender convergence”?
An ever-increasing similarity in how men and women live and what they want from their lives
A key goal of the organization “Pink Stinks” is to
decrease stereotyping of girls that focuses on being pretty, passive, and obsessed with shopping
The ways in which parents dress their children are important because
it helps to turn biological sexual identities into social gender identities
Which of the following is true about the school performance of boys and girls?
Girls are less likely than boys to pursue careers in math and science.
People in a similar social situation and of similar status with whom an individual interacts are known as
The process by which individuals internalize elements of the social structure, making them part of their own personality, is
Which of the following occupations is the most equally balanced by gender (e.g., close to 50 percent of workers are men and close to 50 percent are women)?
Food service managers
Based on the data Lang & Risman present, they argue that:
Economic and political institutions need to reflect gender convergences through policy and practical interventoins.
When a person’s chromosomal composition does not correspond with his or her sexual anatomy, it is known as
What does it mean to say that women and men choose their jobs based on early socialization influences?
Men and women choose different jobs because they have been taught to like different activities and have different interests from a young age.
A sexual identity
is assigned at birth
According to the textbook, which of the following is NOT an explanation for occupational sex segregation?
Men and women may leave jobs at different rates
Gender differences are the product of social interaction that reflects men’s dominant position relative to women. This statement is most consistent with which perspective on gender?
Clothing that children wear to school reinforces gendered behavior in which of the following ways?
When girls wear dresses they are limited in the physical activities in which they can participate.
Compared to jobs dominated by men, jobs dominated by women
have lower status and lower pay
The situation in which one’s gender identity and assigned sex do not match, perhaps leading to a feeling of being trapped in the wrong body, is known as
Shanae is sexually attracted to people of the same gender and engages primarily in same-sex sexual activities. This form of sexual orientation is best described as
Decreased teen pregnancy rates have resulted primarily from
improved use of contraceptives
Coming out is a significant event in the life of someone who identifies as gay, lesbian, or queer because
sexuality is part of self-identity
On average, men report about twice as many sexual partners as women. This is evidence of a
Double Standard
The term queer includes all of the following sexual orientations, EXCEPT
The first scientific study of sexual activity is known as the ________ report.
The text suggests that parents have traditionally tried to police the sexual behavior of their teenage daughters, and lower-class may face additional challenges because
they are less able to protect their daughters from exploitation
Queer theory suggests that scholars and scientific researchers could best understand sexual orientation as
Fluid and Diverse
Sexual identity includes all of the following, EXCEPT
frequency of sexual activity
Teen sex is described as being more male-oriented because
males receive greater social rewards
____________ is a cultural view the promotes heterosexuality as normal and preferred
The STD that had the most impact on partners’ communication about sex and sexual health is
According to “The Story Behind the Numbers,” about what percentage of women identify as bisexual or homosexual?
5 Percent
Consider a man who is the birthparent of a child, and who later enters into a same-sex marriage with a new partner. This is an example of which concept?
Blended family
Which of the following is true regarding teen sexual behavior?
Fewer than half of all teens have had sex
According to the text, the book And Tango Makes Three illustrates that homosexual behavior occurs
in many species
According to the chapter, what role does stigma play in the study of sexuality and identification of gay, lesbian, and bisexual men and women?
Homophobia makes it difficult for gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals to comfortably talk about their sexual experiences and identities.
“Shotgun” weddings decreased as
acceptance of single parenthood increased
A study comparing the sexual outcomes for Dutch and American teens found that the more permissive Dutch environment is associated with
more monitoring of teen sexual behavior
Human sexual behavior in a modern society is LEAST impacted by
Evolutionary Adaption
About _____ of women report being forced to have sexual intercourse against their will
As noted in “Finding Family,” how many children live in families that have same-sex parents?
8-10 Million
Evidence for the continuing role of the sexual double standard can be found in the fact that
men prefer to marry women with less sexual experience
Sam is not sexually attracted to either gender and shows little interest in sexual partners. This form of sexual orientation is best described as
Disliking someone because they identify as lesbian, bisexual, or gay is referred to as
What reason does the “The Story Behind the Numbers” infographic give for why women are much more likely to report same-sex sexual behavior, attraction, and identification?
Women are more exploratory than men
High heels and foot binding are important examples of
how women’s bodies are manipulated to be more attractive to men
Romantic love is distinct when compared to general love because romantic love is
characterized by passion and attraction
“Hey, baby, what’s your sign?” might be uttered by someone who relies on relationship advice from
According to the text, developing a relationship has become more variable and individualized because
a formal dating system no longer exists
Which of the following issues has been controversial at high school proms in recent years?
students bringing a same-sex date to the event
When college students report that “on a first date, men are supposed to drive to the activities,” their agreement shows their knowledge of the expected behavior, or the
Social Scripts
Studying sexual attraction in humans as well as nonhuman animals in terms of genes and their expression, gives support to the idea of
When comparing utilitarian love and romantic love
utilitarian love is more rational and romantic love is more spontaneous
Which of the following groups is most likely to date within their racial-ethnic group?
African Americans
According to Harrison & Shortall (2011), in heterosexual relationships (1)_______ fall in love earlier and (2)_____ say “I love you” earlier.
(1) men, (2) men
The increase in the use of online dating websites can best be explained by
the fact that dating sites are likely more efficient than meeting in person
A casual sexual or romantic encounter without explicit commitment or exclusivity is
Hooking up
According to a survey of Stanford University students, which racial-ethnic group has the highest chance of dating someone of a different race-ethnicity than their own (i.e., the highest chance of interracial dating)?
The decision that a person makes about who to be with in a relationship is ________ dating
Why might being away from parents (for example, being at college) encourage interracial dating?
Students’ parents are less likely to approve of interracial dating than the students themselves.
According to the textbook, what kind of love challenges the standard of endogamy, or marriage within one’s own group (class, racial-ethnic, etc.)?
Romantic Love
Gay, lesbian, and bisexual teens tend to have their first serious relationship at a later age than heterosexual teens. This is due in part to
difficulty meeting romantic partners
Evan is the wealthy son of a Minneapolis restaurant owner. He marries Naomi, the daughter of a local physician. Based only on these social characteristics, we can conclude that
the marriage is characterized by social class endogamy.
The first national singles database for connecting online was
When compared with straight relationships, gay and lesbian dating relationships
are complicated by more negative social pressures
How do high heels help establish the differences between women and men?
Almost everyone who wears high heels is a woman.
When compared to 50 years ago, the current population of singles looking for relationships is
older, more diverse, and more likely to have children
Sociologists call the process of how or why people end up together
mate selection
An event in which the participants are supposed to have fun and get to know each other for a possible romantic relationship is
a date
What is one example of how race-ethnicity may impact one’s social script for dating?
Mexican-Americans may involve parents to a greater degree in their dating lives
Which of the following is a key similarity between hooking up and dating multiple persons at once?
neither involves exclusive commitment to one partner
Although Barbie dolls are common toys for girls in the United States, the likelihood that an adult woman has the same waist-to-hip ratio as Barbie is
1 in 100,000
According to the textbook, all of the following factors influence the future of American racial and ethnic diversity EXCEPT:
who is elected president in 2016
Demographers have noticed that some Hispanics—particularly younger Hispanics and those further removed from the immigration experience—drop the label of “Hispanic” in favor of identifying themselves as “White.” This illustrates the concept that both diversity and social categories are
socially constructed
The singular ideal position referred to in the textbook promotes __________
Currently, the best predictor of a child’s future social class is
the social class of the child’s parents
On average, people now marry in their
late 20’s
Differences in people’s experiences or characteristics can best be described as
social diversity
Which of the following is a way that inequality continues to be experienced in many families?
Men work longer hours in paid work
Based on the video “The Story Behind the Numbers,” which factor has experienced the most change in diversity (based on diversity index) in the last 50 years?
racial-ethnic identity
As a measure of social diversity, the diversity index tell us which of the following?
If we examine two people at random, it tells us the probability that they are from different groups.
Among those with less education, which of the following trends is true?
They are less likely to get married and more likely to divorce
When comparing low- and high-income families, we find
low-income families have more children
The term defamilialization refers to
policies providing support to people, which in turn allow them to be free from family dependency
Conservative attitudes toward family diversity have mainly focused on
promoting traditional family values
Until the 1980s most parents believed that _____________ should be kept secret
Approximately _____________ percent of grandparents are responsible for the basic needs of their grandchildren
What is the primary reason for the uptick in young adults living with their parents since the early 2000s?
increasing economic stability
Critical attitudes toward family diversity have mainly focused on
freeing people from the need to rely on family
One research finding that remains consistent is that college-educated people
are more likely to stay married, because the wife works
Which of the following is a trend identified by the textbook that will help us confront the challenge of supporting the increasing elderly population?
Longer life expectancies so people work longer
In 1960, there was a(n) _____________ percent chance that a man getting married for the first time was in his 20s
The relative increase in society’s investment in each child is a result of
demographic transition
Compared to other highly developed countries, the United States currently has
lower levels of social mobility
One reason immigrants tend to have higher fertility rates than native-born Americans is
cultural beliefs in their countries of origin
Which of the following does NOT strongly correlate to people’s opinions on family diversity?
Social class