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Swot and Long Pest on Kerrygroup Narrative Essay

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  • Wide Range of Pork Products Number of different types of products
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  • Different target markets Consistently top 5 selling in each category
  • Core Technological strengths in savory, sweet nutritional systems
  • Close working relationship with retail customers to successfully develop a business relationship. One of the leading consumer brands in Europe and Ireland Strongest Distribution network


  • Have competing brands in most categories.
  • Limited market share and pressure from competitive markets. Over-dependence on flavors and additives
  • Cost volatility due to raw material.
  • Fragmentation of ingredients and flavors


  • Political Economical Social Environmental Technical Local Consumers with more disposable income (Potential for Increase sales)
  • Good relationships with local suppliers
  •  Strong Research and development
  • Good Technological infrastructure


  • Stricter control
  • Legislation laws and taxes
  • Slow Growth Opportunity that growth is returning
  • Competition with smaller suppliers
Swot and Long Pest on Kerrygroup Narrative Essay essay

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