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Swot Analysis of Ikea

Not to mention their quality furniture at very low prices, KEA is one of the leading specialists in retail furniture manufacturing industry with its strong brand image known internationally.Its balance between cost and quality is a major competitive advantage.KEA can also adapt to cultures like how they adapted to the American market during 1985.

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Their use of innovative technologies also serve as an advantage to them in this world full of advanced technology.

Weakness would be the relinquishment of management control by Kike’s brain and founder: Kampala. Even though he is the company’s advisor to senior management, direct stirring control is best. They also have a weakness in their supplier relationship. KEA is used to building long-term relationships and help suppliers develop and purchase new technology and KEA also demanded high quality at low cost that it ended up in tearing contracts by the suppliers, raised prices and underinvestment in new technology leading to their supply base at risk.

Consumers desire for high quality furniture at low cost making the market for KEA a field of opportunity to grow. Considering the growing market emend for low-priced products, KEA can expand internationally, penetrating markets like the non-western markets like China. THREATS: Increased competition where competitors adapt rapidly to Kike’s high quality and low cost products is certainly a threat to ‘KEA.