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Swot analysis of Ezra

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Brand Ezra is one of the famous national costume brands. There are about 2000 chain store at about 50 countries, and it be evaluated the most research value brand in the Europe. Ezra has big potential development ability in the future Amount of clothing styles Ezra always produced about 20 thousand kinds of styles clothes every year, so it gives some selections to different customers. Ezra always give a fashion and strange feeling to customers.

More selections and follow fashion step closely lead Ezra to come more attractive and charming. A few amounts of one style Ezra produces a few amounts of one style, and they will not fulfill the clothes in one store when the store sells out. If customers are not buy the clothes during a period time, maybe Ezra will have no inventory, so it helps Ezra to build loyal customers. A big and strong designer team There are around 500 fashion designers in Ezra, and they always take part in some fashion shows around the world, it can help them to get inspiration on the clothes.

Weakness There are lost of younger designer in EZRA, however lack of high class and more experience designers. Lack of promotion Opportunity Technological development Nowadays, progressing in technological development, the transmission of information become faster and faster. People can know a lot of information through the Internet and other channels (television, radio, et. ) without go out Consumption ability improvement clothes. So it is pushing forward Sara’s development. Threats

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Swot analysis of Ezra

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Competitor: there are lots of famous and fashion couture in the world such as H, UNIQUE, Gap, etc. Ezra must solve and face a lot of challenge and then outstanding in the industry. The cost of Raw material Ezra do not put the producing flow in some low cost countries, they used centralized production mode to produce the product and distribute around the world. So it limits Ezra to reduce the cost. Financial crisis People cannot predict when the financial crisis occurs, so it is difficult to the business investment.

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