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Survey Questionnaire

Please choose as honestly as possible and tick your answer/s. We ensure that your answers will be kept in strict confidentiality. Thank you very much! 1.

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Please indicate which allowance bracket you most likely belong to: oGreater than Php 400 / day oPhp 300-399 / day oPhp 200-299 / day oPhp 100-299 / day oLess than Php 100 / day 2. How much are you willing to spend for snack items? oPhp 10 or less oPhp 11-20 oPhp 21-30 oPhp 31-40 oPhp 40 or more 3. Are you fond of eating potato chips? oYes oNo 4. How often do you eat potato chips? everyday o1-2 times a week oonce every 2 weeks oonce a month 5. What flavor of potato chips do you usually eat? oSalted oCheese oBarbeque oSour Cream oOthers ___________________________ 6. Do you prefer your potato chips coated, dipped or just plain? oCoated oDipped (dip is separate) oPlain 7. What type of coating or dip do you want for your potato chips? oChocolate oCaramel oVanilla oOthers ___________________________ 8. Other than potato chips, what snack items do you usually eat? oBreadsticks oCrackers oDonuts oPastries Others ___________________________ 9. Are you willing to buy our product? oYes oNo oDepends – why? ___________________________ 10. Do you have any comments or suggestions for our product? oNo oYes ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Thank you very much for taking part in our survey. God bless and good day! ?

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