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Survey Questionnaire Sample

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Employability of BSA Graduates of Saint Mary’s College of Catbalogan for the School Year 2009-2010, 2010-2011, and 2011-2012 (A Tracer Study) Survey Questionnaire I. PROFILE 1. Name of Respondents: _______________________________________________ 2. Age: ______________ Sex: __________ Civil Status: ______________________ 3. Address: __________________________________________________________ 4. Year Graduated: _____________________ II. INTERVIEW PROPER 1.

Are you employed? ___YES ___NO 2. How many months/ years are you in service? ____________ 3. What is the nature of your work (position) at the present? ________________ 4. What is your status of employment? ____ Regular ____ Casual ____ Contractual Others: _________________ 5. Does your work apply to your course? ____ YES ____ NO 6. Do you enjoy your work status/ position? ____ YES ____ NO 7. Place of work? ___ Catbalogan ____ Tacloban ____ Cebu ____ Manila ____ Outside of the country: Others: ____________________________________ 8. What agency / company’s do you work? ____ Government ____ Private ____ Semi-Government ____ Family Business Others: ________________________________________ 9. What examination have you taken in your employment wither passed or not passed? ____ Civil Service Commission ____ Company Examination ____ CPA Board Exam

Others: ________________________________________ 10. To what degree are the knowledge and preparation you obtained in SMCC to prepare you to the nature of work? ____ High ____ Medium ____ Low 11. What is the nearest reason/s why you are unemployed? ____ I don’t feel like working ____ I want to take first and pass the CPA board examination ____ I just can’t find a job that suits my inclination ____ I just got fired from my job ____ I take up another course instead of degree Others: _____________________________________________

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Survey Questionnaire Sample

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