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Supply Chain Management

Management Presented below are live cases of Financial Supply Chain Management where Axis Bank helped Corporate improve their turnaround time of service delivery as bankable as save cost. Since this information is not public published it is requested that this is used for academic purpose only. Company Name: Jayvee Cement Segment – Manufacturing Product Offered: Counter Collection, Banker Cool Go live: June 2010 Case Study: No 1 Requirement Jayvee Group Is a bankable diversified Infrastructural Industrial conglomerate In India.

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It Is involved in business of Engineering & Construction, Cement, Banker, Hospitality, Real Estate, Expressway & Highways. The Cement division works on Dealer vendor Module where the goods are supplied from regional depots based on the payment received from the dealers. The dispatch of goods is purely dependent on the MIS confirming payment from the dealers. Following Is model under which the structure of company Is based ROOM DUMP Dealers are the sales point for products of the company; the company required a solution to provide a faster supply arrangement for goods from Dumps to Dealers.

It used to book orders from dealers through telephone or fax and email. Then it used to advise Its dealers to go to Its collection centers at dumps to deposit cash or Odds. At day end the cashier used to deposit the money collected Into company’s bank account with SIB. Cashier used to issue temporary acknowledgement slip to dealer and used to update internal software with payment details. The next day when clear funds banker credited to the bank account, cashier used to download the statement from internet banking platform and manually updated the payment received or ailed against each order In the Internal software.

Those orders against which payment was received the Internal system used to send email or call was made to the dealer to seen trucks to collect goods. I en wangle process was Eng 4-5 cays to release goods to dealers and was leading to dissatisfaction as bankable as the company was being susceptible to competition as products couldn’t be supplied as per market demand. Keeping in view of the above structure following banker the broad solution suggested to the company Solution 1 . Convert all payments to the company from cash and cheeses to electronic payment mode. Use cheapest electronic modes like National electronic Fund Transfer (NEFF) and Real time gross settlement (ARTS) systems. 3. For dealers who still wanted to make payment in cash or cheese they could do the same at any of the bank counters and receive an acknowledge slip. Maintaining location wise dealer data of the company at banks end. Validating all the cash, cheese.