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Supervisory Management Roles and Challenges

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Managers do things such as planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. The skills required for effective management are conceptual skills, human relations skills, administrative skills, and technical skills. As for the transition where supervisors come from which can be present employees or someone with the skills to be a supervisor. There are three major types of relationship for managers. 1) Personal, 2) organizational, and 3) external. Personal relationships are relationships with friends and family.

Organizational relationships are relationships within the organization. Now external relationships are with anything that is outside of the organization such as customers. In emerging position of supervisory managers Is the supervisor changing his/her view to team focused work unit, supportive role, facilitation skills emphasis, encouraging change, listen skills, shared responsibility for exults, team problem solving, broader; horizontal; external communications, pride; recognition; growth used to motivate employees, and participative decision style.

The last topic is about some current trends challenging supervisors. Those trends are dealing with a more diverse workforce, emphasizing team performance, coping with exploding technology, adjusting to occupational and industry shifts, meeting continued global challenges, improving quality and productivity, improving ethical behavior, and responding to crises.

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Supervisory Management Roles and Challenges essay

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