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Prompt 2: According to the slide show I have developed an interest in many different foods and would like to try all of them except for the cinnamon. Cinnamon kills people. Cinnamon is too small for the human body to swallow and when trying to do it you choke to death, hence the “cinnamon challenge. ” Otherwise I have no interest in any of the other foods on that list. There is one food, however, that I absolutely adore. Back in the old days my family always loved to go out for dinner. No matter what, it was what always happened.

In fact one time I went to Denny’s and got a free shirt and meal because I went there almost every day. Denny’s isn’t just a place to eat. For me it is a way of life. I’m not the only one either. Tons of friends love Denny’s as much as I and sometimes we party together at Denny’s. Every time I go I order a grandslamwich with a side of hash browns and lemonade. It all tastes so sweet and delicious and savory that I almost never know when to stop eating. Sometimes when I order I just say the usual and everyone knows exactly what to get.

It wasn’t always like that though. My dad, back in his youth, had always ordered me a grandslamwich even though I never liked it but after some time I grew attached to the mouthwatering treat. I would go to sleep every night with my window open and I would stare at the twinkling balls of light hiding up in the beautiful night sky…. wondering when the next encounter would happen… the encounter with the restaurant of the gods. Now that I grow older and wiser, I realize that Denny’s does have some drawbacks.

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I assume that since Denny’s has no superior in the restaurant business, it cannot be all hugs and kisses, without even knowing anything about this I can prove it. Newton’s third Law States that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. ” Therefore Denny’s cannot be simply amazing in every way. I did some research on this subject and found out that a grandslamwich is about 1500 calories. This is about the size of three big macs. That explains a lot since a big mac basically bows down at the feet of the almighty GRANDSLAMWICH!!!

No matter what a grandslamwich will always be my favorite food. Prompt 4: Potato starch contains resistant starch, and may be helpful in preventing colon cancer. According to this article, the potato actually has a very large effect on cancer, which I had assumed that it did. Potatoes are a staple in diets all over the world and it seems that they can even help prevent cancer! This is a very logical fact. Potatoes are as old as time itself and are especially important in the diet of the average American diet.

If potatoes caused cancer a lot more people would be dead than just those who have already been unlucky enough to fall victim to this atrocity of diseases. Who ever thought about writing an article about this was a very deep thinker to ask whether or not potatoes of all things cause cancer. This was very interesting nevertheless even though I had started out expecting it to be terribly and agonizingly boring. Also if potatoes had vitamins in them (or whatever) that caused cancer, wouldn’t they be cooked out like the alcoholic content in cooking or even the vitamins that help prevent it?

In the great words of Biff “C’mon think McFly think! ” (If you don’t get the reference you are dead to me. ) There is a reason that potatoes help prevent cancer, the reason being Potato starch contains resistant starch. Resistant starch helps maintain healthy digestion and may be helpful in preventing colon cancer. Bacteria in the colon ferments resistant starches and produces short-chain fatty acids one of them being Butyrate. Butyrate also has anti-tumor effects because it seems to inhibit tumor cell development and causes tumor cell differentiation and cell death in colorectal cancer cells.

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