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The leaves now searching for a new home, they flutter down on their wings of pure gold.The trees now come together, forsaken, isolated and soon to winters cold.Crickets, hedgehogs, owls too join in with the late night autumn song.

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To remind us another season won’t be long. Christmas gifts make their showing on shelves in stores. Leaf blowers begin to go on vacation and snow shovels prepare for chores.

Winter is here Everything knows from the tiny hares to the giant deer That Christmas our favorite time of the year is near. Struggling to keep in winter’s cheer, Children burst out “winter is here”. Sometimes tend to gaze at the stars. On a clear winter’s night maybe even Mars. When outside is a winter wonderland of snow, Passionate eyes like ember aglow. Teeth chatter like a pair of castanets. The cold seeps into our gloves until they cease to bend properly.

There is no escape from the cold especially when it’s in your own property Your muscles will be so numb you can barely hop It seems like a mission just going to the first bus stop But if I do each the bus stop, I attempt to lean on it. Forgetting that in winter days, the icy biting metal that quickly imbibes all your body heat Leaving you as cold as those trees, it’s an experience you loud not like to meet On winters day thin frozen puddles crack under my winter boots. To me the cracks look like gnarled fingers, twisted and knotted.

Others say the cracks look like tree roots. The ground was as smooth as a cake Snow had fallen like icing powder, perfecting it to its finest point The scene so unreal one could say it was fake. The swirling white and the lush grass collided. Falling in snow the children were delighted The trees so tired it seemed they couldn’t even put up a fight To keep themselves all stained white The trees dreamt of warmth All they received was the pale light only winter’s Sun could give.

Even the leaf stems lie frosty and sharp But it glistens like an angels harp The floor full of crystals of ice gleam like a floor of polished white quartz Indicating aims time for winter sports. In winter people are sneezing because it is freezing As they exhale visible puffs of smoke diverge People begin to miss summers outdoor heating When witnessing the obscure clouds above finally converge. Winter winds now howl Piling up snow in adrift Tired from a lack of sleep people now scowl Misunderstanding, winters cool gift.

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