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I am writing to express my interest for the following vacancy as it strongly relates to my current qualification.I am graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University with First Class Honours.I have good educational background.

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Computing and Technology has been my interest. During my educational period, I was always willing to learn new things, ready for a challenges, and a great problem solver. I have applied my theoretical knowledge in to different assignments and projects.

I’ve experience of working as an effective member of a team, as well as by my own initiative. I have ability to communicate clearly at all levels verbally and in writing. I have attention to details and can efficiently manage workload. I’m fully committed with my work and highly dutiful with my responsibilities. Please find attached to this email, a copy of my CV, for your kind consideration. I feel I would be an excellent candidate for your above vacancy as it closely matches my skills and experience. I look forward to hearing from you.

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