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Summary of “Saved by the Kindness of Virtual Stranger”

Summary of “Saved by the Kindness of Virtual Stranger” In this article entitled “Saved by the Kindness of a Virtual Stranger”, the writer describes his wife benefited from unexpected gift which change her life.He found out that her wife would need a kidney transplant within two years, so he tried to search of new medicine that helps her.The doctors explained that her best opportunity to regain her health was to receive a living kidney.

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The challenge was to find a healthy donor with same blood type .

Otherwise; she must wait for 5 years for a cadaveric transplant. He couldn’t donate to her wife because the blood type was different also there were no candidates from her family and they need help but how to ask people to give up a kidney. They decided to ask their friend some agreed to be tested, but all of them eliminated in the first stage. Then one night when he was with Carolyn Hodges”friend from the work” on the train, he despairingly told her his wife situation.

Next day she told him that she and her husband John were O blood type and they are ready to be tested as potential matches. Carolyn was eliminated shortly but John who they barely knew was the best available choice, despite that there was a resistance from his family members and friends . They ask “why should someone in good health donate for someone who hardly knows? ”, but John believes that this is the way to make the world a better place and also he can save a human life .

The procedure required two operating rooms with 20 person in surgical team and both was booked for two months. One week later there was a cancellation and they received word one afternoon to go to the hospital and the operation is next day morning. The operation was a success and the new kidney was working very well. John spent a few weeks to recover , and able to resume his normal life . They will never forget the selfless gift from john and they have learned that miracles come in myriad forms, including human, and john and his wife are living proof.

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