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Successful Product Launches

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The world is a competitive battlefield for businesses, where every day new players enter with vigor and the existing ones tighten their grip on the market. But there is one path to creating your own unparalleled world in this battle, and that is by creating and innovating breakthrough products. CHARACTERISTICS THAT HELPS A PRODUCT TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL BREAKTHROUGH: Meeting Customer need in a genuine way

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Make sure product performance measures up.

Proper positioning and differentiation.

Carefully targeted advertising.

Strong product economics.

Ensure strong price-value relationship.

Effective distribution channels.

Being on the right timing.

Sufficient funding.

Organizational support.

The following are some of those products which achieved success. PAGALGUY:

PAGALGUY is an online youth community, primarily targeting MBA aspirants in India. Allwin Agnel (MBA Wharton 2008), the founder of PaGaLGuY was featured on the Young Turks program on CNBC in May 2005. The firm was also nominated as one of the ‘hottest start-ups’ in India by the Tata group. While it was not the first player in this space, PaGaLGuY can be credited with using unique ways to pioneer the large-scale development of its online community.

PagalGuy gave its users a platform to voice their opinions and receive those of others on varied topics, from B-School entrance exams and choice of BSchools, to the latest happenings in politics and economics that are relevant for MBA interviews. Its high popularity today allows it to generate sufficient advertising revenues to keep the forum free for all users. It has become a catalyst for potential MBA aspirants in India, by providing high value examination preparation content, along with a large and supportive user community that engages in moderated discussions to addresses the concerns of all aspirants.

The Helping Hand
While almost all MBA aspirants applied to the few reputed business schools in India, aspirants were unsure about applying to other schools. Since application costs are high, it is advantageous to apply to select schools where the program is of adequate quality and there is a realistic chance of acceptance. Ranking are an important basis for aspirants to shortlist schools. However B-School Rankings published in major Indian business magazines used criteria that were not entirely relevant for aspirants trying to make this choice.

The first PaGaLGuY Ranking of Indian B-Schools, released in November 2007 addressed this issue by combining the individual preferences of its vast pool of MBA aspirants, current students and alumni. The survey of 5500 verified individuals (after removing over thousand duplicate entries), made this possibly the “largest crowd-sourced B-school ranking in history.” This ranking was seen as the more relevant for aspirants trying to shortlist the schools to learn more about and potentially apply to.

The Competition
The cult status of PaGaLGuY has kept it well ahead of its three major competitors as shown by the comparativereach statistics PaGaLGuY page views are 6.5 million per month in 2011, far higher than the 0.9 million of Testfunda, its next competitor. TestFunda, a test preparation site by IIM graduates has grown in popularity over time and has also published a book on CAT preparation. MBAUniverse (2006) is primarily a content portal and covers MBA events. Another competitor Totalgadha (started in 2006) also operates coaching centres.

Advertising Revenues
Advertising space on PaGaLGuY is often sold out on the news portal and forums, primarily taken by private business schools, while the other listed options vary in sales. Advertising revenues are the major source of revenue at PaGaLGuY and covers salaries and administrative expenses. Importantly, a substantial part of revenues is used to develop new services.

Educational Forum
Tagline/ Slogan
Insanely Different
Online Educational Forum
Target Group
MBA Aspirants
For Discussing about various MBA courses,schools,Rankings etc. SWOT Analysis
Kept well ahead of its competitors, Indian B school Rankings, Discussions related to all aspects of MBA. Weakness
No Authentic information, Username once created cannot be deleted, Negative Advertising. Opportunity
Can be widened Worldwide, Various other degree programmes can also be discussed. Threats
Hackers, People who spread wrong information, Competitors
MBA Paradise, Mingle Box, TestFunda, Cool Avenues

Yamaha FZ
The Yamaha FZ-16 and FZ-S are motorcycles manufactured by India Yamaha Motor. Inspired by the naked bike concept, the FZ-16 is modelled after its more popular counterpart the FZ1 with scaled down engine more suited to the Indian roads. The FZ-16 uses 140/60 size rear radial tubeless tyre. It won Bike of the Year Award from UTVi/Autocar, Zigwheels, and Business Standard Motoring, and the Viewer’s Choice award at UTVi & Autocar India Awards 2009. Yamaha Motors India has also launched the Yamaha FZ-S another variant of the FZ-16, with a front visor. It was released in March 2009, and is marketed in India. Yamaha drew up for this model a mix of design, performance, reliability and quality. Design Role

The design lines of this bike is one of its main virtues. Imitate the ways of her older sisters: the Fazer, where the dynamism of sharp edges is rife. The headlight is striking for its modern forms. The transparency of the lens is spotless and technology suggests its powerful halogen lamp. In the bottom of the lens is hidden a small light spot position allowing the vehicle in conditions not too dark and, incidentally, extend the life of the lamp. The side skirts are made of high strength plastic material thanks to a dedicated metal look paint job. The front headlight assembly complete with some nice twists with a drop placed on the sides. The plastic housing which covers the instrumentation does a good job of ocular cables, and thus achieves a very clean front end.

The front fender design also inherits Fazer. Edgy but bulky in its center, mixing different materials and colors for a sporty look. This element will be in charge of protecting the flirtatious alloy rim and five thin rays of the low profile sports tires. The brake disc 267 mm bitten by a two-piston caliper provides the necessary security for the movement. The center of the bike is very striking. There, the fuel tank takes all eyes. Made of a combination of metal and plastic, are very elaborate forms to highlight the sporty side of the bike. Contains a light-alloy lid hinge is handy when refueling. The seat is two relatively distinct levels for driver and passenger.

The optical unit is integrated into the rear fenders and sporting new ways. The tail is not of great size or type has LED technology, but is sufficient to ensure good visibility for other drivers. The visibility of the information provided by the board is optimal, even in bright sunlight. The tank fits well to the body because its forms are designed to wrap your knees. The rubber-coated foot pegs are quite low and so it is very focused how legroom. By giving contact, and then check the usual instrumentation, start the motor by gently pressing.

Those seeking a motorcycle that guarantees good ride, consumption groundbreaking content and aesthetics will find the solution in this new product from Yamaha. The Yamaha FZ16 comes in a range of different colors including black, Bordeaux and orange illustrating this note. In addition, Yamaha has an interesting promotion services covering the collateral (the first and the third completely free) for those who purchased during the official dealer of the brand. The official price is 14,150 pesos. It is almost impossible to get it at that price because of the demand-supply history has this bike. Revolution in Indian Bike Market

Returning the good value for their money to the customers is the motto of legendary auto manufacturing company Yamaha Motors The new variants with Yamaha flagship are Yamaha FZ, Yamaha FZS and Yamaha Fazer Bikes. The ex-showroom prices of Yamaha FZ Price in India is Rs. 67,000/- whereas Yamaha Bikes Prices for the other two variants in Delhi are Yamaha FZS is Rs. 69,000/- and Yamaha Fazer is Rs. 74,000.The latest feature introduced in Yamaha FZ features is the feature of kick start option followed by new logos and graphic to suit the changing preferences of the wide segments of the customers. Besides this the otherYamaha FZ Features include the fascinating colours offered in FZ Series bikes introduced after thorough research on colours and the choice of customers.

The main feature of introducing Yamaha Bikes in different colours is that each colour speaks about itself maintaining their position of being recognized as the "Lord of the Streets". There are rumours that Yamaha Motor will follow the planned promotional strategy for the launch of new Yamaha Bikes in India which will be followed by promotion from the Bollywood star and the heartthrob of Indian youth -- John Abraham who is also the brand ambassador of Yamaha Bikes. According to Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki, CEO and Managing Director, India Yamaha Motor, Since its inception in 2008 Yamaha FZ series of Yamaha Bikes have been able to attract the Indian youth to the large extent. The launch of FZ series with total new look is the step ahead of their strategy to provide customers with latest features and new looks. He also added that Yamaha FZ Bikes have played an important role in increasing the sale of Yamaha Bikes in India. However while discussing the Yamaha FZ Review one thing can be confidently said that the new Yamaha FZ Series Bikes will definitely carry the name of Yamaha Motors to new heights.

Brand Name
Yamaha FZ
Tagline/ Slogan
Lord of the street
Young boys looking for fast sporty bikes for Indian roads
Target Group
Young boys in the age 18-30 middle class
For sports bike lovers who like to rule the streets
Excellent brand name, High product quality, High performance, speed and pickup Weakness
Very low mileage, High cost and thus limited target segment Opportunity
Expansion in rural and tier-2 cities, Cost management thus reducing the price of the bike, Developmental changes thus reducing bike's weight Threats
New entrants , Competitors, Low cost bikes
CBZ , Karizma, Pulsar

Univercell Mobiles
Indian Mobile Retailing industry was highly fragmented with no organized retail players. There were no branded showrooms to showcase an entire range of products. Mr. D. SathishBabu founded UniverCell in November, 1997, selling post-paid mobile connections as a Skycell Teleshop (now AirTel Connect). Studying the buying behavior of his customers, Sathish understood that what consumers really wanted was to make intelligent and informed shopping decisions in an ambience that combined both comfort and a high degree of service. He opened Chennai's first large-format mobile retail store in an upscale location in Chennai. UniverCell is well entrenched in the hearts and minds of the Indian consumer using a clever mix of targeted advertising campaigns and promotions aimed at localities as well as generations. Celebrity endorsement and engagement has played a big part in his advertising campaign, and UniverCell signed up with film actor R Madhavan as their brand ambassador in 2007. Univercell looked to incorporate innovative modern retailing concepts into his own organization.

The series of core improvements initiated five years ago has now resulted in a world-class retailing organization that is powered as much by technology as by its people. The foundation for growth well in place, UniverCell has its sights on replicating its success Pan India. These same investments in technology and processes have earned UniverCell the ISO 9000-2001 certification (March 2004) for quality management systems. UniverCell presenting a single face to its customers assures the same level of support (warranties, service, etc) from every single outlet across the country and its strong relationships with all the manufacturers, the e-portal @ and, its pan Indian presence, UniverCell has been able to leverage efficiencies of scale, providing the highest levels of service and options to consumers

Univercell Workforce
In keeping with the mobile generation, the average age of a UniverCell employee is 24, evenly distributed between girls and boys. From a team of five it has now grown to an organization with over 1500 employees Univercell Customers

There are 200,000 people buying UniverCell handsets every month. This is the highest of any retailer in India. One out of every three handsets sold in the market is from UniverCell. Its current customer base stands at 10 million. This includes numerous celebrities and other high profile customers as well as many of the top corporate organizations in the country.

First Mover Advantage

Univercell is the first mobile retailer to provide Bill & warranty on every purchase. The first mobile retailer to implement 'Touch Feel' concept. Univercell provided various Exchange offers Knowledgeable staff-groomed in customer service and soft skills. Best After Sales Service One stop shop, UniverCell having the first mover advantage has pioneered its way through the mobile industry.

Univercell Mobile Store
Retailer, Trader
Telecommunication, Sales
Tagline/ Slogan
The Mobile expert
For all people seeking Mobiles
Target Group
Youngsters and Adults
Communication, Gaming, Features
SWOT Analysis
1. Univercell is the first mobile retailer to provide Bill & warranty on every purchase, first mobile retailer to implement 'Touch Feel' concept. 2.Univercell provided various Exchange offers

3. Knowledgeable staff-groomed in customer service and soft skills.

4. Best After Sales Service

5.One stop shop.

1. Pricing is higher than the competitors.
1.Fast growing Retail outlet.
2. Demand for Mobile phones in India.
1.Intense competition from Poorvika,Wavetel, Mobile Store
1.Poorvika Mobile World
3.Mobile Store

NeeyaNaana has become one of the successful Tamil TV Channel Talk Show as it has got good responses from all set of audience. There may be several factors for the success of the programs with few pieces of informationtowards the program. NeeyaNaana is not only popular for its Talk Show but if you note clearly the Welcome Theme (Movement of Chess Game) indicates and helps the programmer to convey the message of the show to the audience in few words. Moreover if you clearly watch you could be able to view an X symbol and these too indicates and convey a messages to its audience ( ie, U r Me)and it mightn't be noted by all group of people but in my point of view as a viewer this too may be its success factor. The word Freedom of Speech caption also comes up with a message conveying that the audience has full rights to express and share their views without hurting anybody mind.

Moreover the stage is decorated with good lighting, seating and back ground pictures add more credits to the programs as it let the participation to have a good feel of environment. The camera focus would also be a plus since it is a talk show it might be difficult to identify the right person who is expressing his views among the group in such situation they even take care towards it and focuses the right person in right time. Even though it is a Tamil Talk Show to make it more Realistic and Interesting Gopinath speaks English words at required situation. This may also due to assorted categories of participation with different languages of communication in the program. If you clearly note we have a caption called Freedom of Speech.

This is mainly to share the participation views, opinions and arguments which would never find a way to hurt people's mind and once the money is given to the participation the show may be successful but it may become as an Entertainment and loose its viewers. Moreover the team doesn't force and put words towards the participation in conveying only the views specified by the team and in few cases the team by considering the participation pays money towards their travel and the few VIP's invited will look out for money and respect. But to make this show more realistic they place the VIPs seat in the middle of the participation where they can be free to view each other's and put forth their views.

The Marketing Plan
What made NeeyaNaana a hit even before its launch were well planned efforts of Star Vijay. Rather than a show, NeeyaNaana is being claimed to be a campaign. The selection of time slot is such that the show attracts whole family to watch the show together. Marketing of the show began with feature of promotional videos of the show over channels of Star Vijay. Response of the audience to the promotional videos itself was such that soon it was trending on twitter and Facebook. The marketing efforts are planned throughout telecast of the shows. The marketing is unique and fresh enough to attract its audience. Viewership;Response of the Audience

NeeyaNaana claims maximum advertising rates compared to all other shows currently running even on prime time slot. The format of the show is such that it touches Indians with several issues and also tries to engage them beyond the duration of the show. The show has association with NGOs also. NeeyaNaana is also connecting with its audience through social networks. In the “Speak Up” section, Satyamev Jayate invites the audience to upload video, share story, give suggestion or ask questions. The facebook page had around 50,000 likes as on September 9, 2012 Thefacebook page engages the audience in all conventional social media marketing offering. Conclusion

The success behind a show not only lies on the channel telecasted but depends upon various factors like Air Time of the show,Host,Theme of the program,Information and message to the public from the program. Vijay TV and the creator of the team have done a strong ground work to the above said factor which made the show to be a huge success into the minds of the customers. Moreover public plays a vital role towards the success of the program. The Team as used many Current Hot Topics as their Title which can act as a platform to serve and service the public and society in all ways.

TV Show
Tagline/ Slogan
Freedom of Speech
Target Group
Indian Households
Awareness program for all Indians
1. Gopinath
2. Local flavour
3.Social Message conveyed
4. Excellent branding and advertising
1. Late Night Telecast ,Duration
1. Can be done in various regional versions with local stars Threats
1. ArataiArangam, SathyamevaJayathe, other Debate shows
2. Politicians
1.Sathyameva Jayathe
2.Aratai Arangam

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional league for Twenty20 cricket championship in India. The Idea OF IPL was mooted for the first time in 2002.Inspiration came from the NBA league in US and also to some extent the club football leagues in the European continent. Here both the tournaments andthe clubs are also a brand “property”, complete with media rights, merchandizing rights, sponsors,advertisers and a die-hard fan base worldwide. IPL is the first such an attempt to build a sports brand franchisee /property in South East Asia, based on one of the most popular sports in the region.

Media Success
By definition success of a media event or a program would have two critical
ingredients. a) A captive audience
b) Perceived value any advertiser would willingly to pay to access this audience. The content in this case is a “cricketainment” program, provided all the above necessary ingredients. One interesting aspect of this audience is that it was one of the few television programs which had very low age, gender, income or even regional skews.The IPL is expected to bring the BCCI an income of approximately US$1.6 billion, over a period of five to ten years. All of these revenues are directed to a central pool, 40% of which will go to IPL itself, 54% to franchisees and 6% as prize money. The money will be distributed in these proportions until 2017, after which the share of IPL will be 50%, franchisees 45% and prize money 5%. The IPL signed up Kingfisher Airlines as the official umpire partner for the series in a 106 crore (US$19.19 million) (approximately £15 million) deal. This deal sees the Kingfisher Airlines brand on all umpires' uniforms and also on the giant screens during third umpire decisions.

Marketing Mix:
IPL stands for Indian Premier League. It is a Twenty20 tournament started by BCCI. It is the brainchild of Lalit Modi. It started in the year 2008 and comprises the players from all over the world. A perfect blend of cricket & entertainment. It’s providing a stage for many youngsters to show their performance & profitable too to Advertisers and broadcasting channels.

As far as the IPL pricing structure is concern, The IPL is predicted to bring the BCCI income of approximately US$ 1.6 billion, over a period of five to ten years. All of these revenues are directed to a central pool, 40% of which will go to IPL itself, 54% to franchisees and 6% as prize money. The money will be distributed in these proportions until 2017, after which the share of IPL will be 50%, franchisees 45% and prize money 5%. The IPL signed up Kingfisher Airlines as the official umpire partner for the series in an Rs.106 Crore’s (1.06 billion) deal. This deal sees the Kingfisher Airlines brand on all umpires’ uniforms & also on the giant screens during third umpire decisions. Sony Entertainment Television signed a new contract with
BCCI with Sony Entertainment Television paying a staggering Rs.8700 Crore’s (87 billion) for 10 years.

The first season of the Indian Premier League commenced on 18 April 2008 in India, and ended on 1 June 2008 with the victory of the Rajasthan Royals against Chennai Super Kings in the final at the DY Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai. As the second season of the IPL coincided with multi-phase 2009 Indian general elections, the Indian Central Government refused to provide the Indian paramilitary forces to provide security, saying the forces would be stretched too thinly if they were to safeguard both the IPL and the elections. As a result, the BCCI decided to host the second season of the league outside India. All 59 matches of the second season, abbreviated as IPL 2, took place in South Africa. Ironically, South Africa were also scheduled to have elections doing the IPL, however, the South African government provided adequate security for both the South African General Elections and the IPL.

When Bollywood and cricket met, the result was IPL and it was truly entertaining to see one’s favourite cricketer as well the Bollywood star on the same platform. IPL was no doubt an entertaining one. Super stars like Shah Rukh, Preity, Akshay, Katrina, Hrithik had been a source which provided a lot of glam to IPL promotion. To attract the cricket fans, even team-owners have started selling tickets personally. PreityZinta, the co-owner of Kings XI Punjab and Australian pace man Brett Lee sold the tickets along with their autographs.

Indian Premier League (IPL)
Parent Company
BCCI (Administrator)
Cricket Event
Sports and Entertainment
Tagline/ Slogan
MANORANJAN KA BAAP (King of entertainment);
An exciting annual T-20 cricket tournament with all international cricketers playing together STP
Billions of people across the world who love to play or watch cricket Target Group
Men in the age group 15 and above globally
Entertaining T20 cricket tournament
SWOT Analysis
1. IPL is one the most popularly marketed and branded cricket sports event globally 2. IPL was the first sports event to be broadcasted live on Youtube and Indiatimes 3. Involvement of top international players, big corporate and celebrities make IPL a popular rage amongst spectators 4. Brand IPL is predicted to bring over $1.6nbn to BCCI in 5-10 years through sponsorships and TV Rights 5. IPL is sponsored by popular brands like DLF, Coca Cola, Samsung, Maruti, TVS, Parleetc 6. Has an extremely high global reach and appeal amongst cricket fans 7. Involvement of international players has helped improve pool of local players Weakness

1.Controversies like Team ownership disputes, media rights, suspension of Chairman etc caused problems 2.Conflicts with some other international cricket boards affected brand image Opportunity
1. Huge opportunity to leverage on popular brands through advertising, merchandising 2.Huge cricket following can be tapped through advertising, involvement of fans and cricketers Threats
1. Gaining popularity of other sports amongst youth and excessive cricket will reduce appeal amongst people 2.Govt regulations regarding security, taxation, policies etc 3.Emergence of similar tournaments in other countries

1. Big Bash League (Australia)
2. Bangladesh Premier League (Bangladesh)
3.MiWay T20 Challenge (South Africa)


1) 2)
6) 7) Article: A Sign of Revolution in Indian Bike Market by Amit Sharma 8) A.C. Nielsen, "New Product Introduction-Successful Innovation/Failure: Fragile Boundary," AC Nielsen BASES and Ernst & Young Global Client Consulting (June 24, 1999).

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