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Successful Fashion Marketing Strategy

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When I first read that the topic of this creative assignment was to write about a successful fashion marketing campaign only one name came to mind: Marc Jacobs. How do you even begin to put his legacy into a one-page paper? Marc Jacobs is truly a fashion icon and is worshipped by anyone with half of a brain. His ability to make soft-feminine floral into something edgy and new has always been one of a kind. He has repeatedly transformed himself and his brand each year into something different.

From his wacky sweaters in his early days at Parson's, to his amazing work at Louis Button, Marc Jacobs has done it all. His own words describe him best: "a little preppie, a little grungy, a little couture". He covers every type of man and woman. His brand has grown with its clientele base like no other brand on the market. As a woman I can shop his collections no matter if I'm looking for a funky tee-shirt or a classically beautiful gown. Early on he worked for Perry Ellis with his "grunge" attire. The world followed his lead and grunge became a worldwide sensation.

Marc Jacobs shows are haphazard ND messy, yet glamorous and beautiful all at the same time. He knows the simple elegance of throwing an outfit together that looks half-runway, half-thrift shop. His ads are moody, and draw you in entirely. I cannot think of one product that he has touched that hasn't turned into gold. His outreaches into perfumes and makeup have only solidified him even more. He breathed life back into Louis Button and made them what they are today. Marc Jacobs will continue to be the most inspiring and motivational person in my life. His empire knows no end.

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Successful Fashion Marketing Strategy

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