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Success in my own words. Success is an enigmatic entity. Most of us pursue it as a fixed entity that will magically leave us content.

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But according to me, that is as far from the truth as can be. Because contentment is the enemy of success. The moment I were to feel that I am content, is the moment my success stops. The passion to challenge myself is the fuel that I need to burn in order to keep achieving success. It is very common in India that right from a very young age, our success is measured as a factor relative to the success of our peers.

I do not try to compare myself with others, which I think is the most destructive thing one can do. Every person is unique, and every person has their own strengths and weaknesses. I have always believed that I am my own best friend. And my idea of a best friend is someone with whom I can compete fiercely, and constantly. This means that I am always trying to outdo myself. Each time I reach the peak of my achievement, I would’ve already set my eyes on something higher. And I am relentless in my pursuit of any and every goal I set for myself.

This does not mean that I do not revel in my moments of achievement. I give myself the occasional pat on the back. And I think it is essential to do so, because motivation is like the lubricant that keeps the gears of success going. And as an engine with copious amounts of fuel, without a lubricant, eventually grinds to a halt, damaging the engine permanently, without motivation, one’s success may seem to go leaps and bounds in the beginning, but eventually will come to a complete and permanent halt. I have seen many people be deliberately unenthusiastic about their achievements to he outside world.

This will eventually lead to a never ending void in us, that no amount of success can fill. Success is a thing to be celebrated, and something hidden from the world is never a celebration. But once again, we must be careful not to let ourselves run amok, as there is a very thin line that separates celebration from extravagance. And extravagance almost always leads to lethargy, dousing the flames of passion and motivation. And that is where the final ingredient in this mechanism of success comes in- hard work.

If passion is the fuel and motivation the lubricant that runs the engine of success, then hard work is the spark plug that ignites the mixture, and keeps it burning strong. Without hard work, no great plans of grandeur can come to fruition. I think that a perfect balance of passion, motivation and hard work is what is required to achieve long lasting, tangible success. If either one goes out of proportion, then success becomes elusive and seemingly impossible to achieve.