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Study Plan

Essay Topic:

All world’s population is 7 billion, 1. 3 billion people spoken Chinese in worldwide, approximately worldwide 1 in every 6-7 person can speak chinese. If you believe Chinese to be one language, rather than a grouping, it is the single most commonly spoken language on the planet. It is spoken in countries like China, Taiwan Singapore. For people interested in becoming fluent in Chinese, it can be intimidating and challenging. As Mongolia and China have been neighbors, many Mongolians are interested in China and its language and culture as well as Mongolians are more familiar about China than any other nation in the world.

First reason of choosing China is it I’m familiar with country, secondly Chinese is getting more and more influential learning it gives me more advantage in the future.

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The international communication and trade program interests me because it gives me good intellectual. In today’s globalizing society, studying in foreign high developed country to be very significant to bring development to own business and individual’s development. I have information about Chinese education system which is excellent at trying theoretical knowledge to the practice work thus it affected me to choose it.

Studying with people from various countries ;learning selected experience of such countries thus sharing information to be very important to the human development. Due to my studies, I am aware that my Chinese Language skills are still to increase. I have studied Chinese a little, but it’s not perfect yet. But I constantly try to improve myself by doing personal work. Besides it is one of the reasons I want to live and study in China. For my point of view, it’s the best way to acquire good accent and talk “true” Chinese, not only based on readings.

As for a citizen, I would like to give my contribution to the development of my country as possible as I can on studying well in the China. I have many advantages to study successfully and keep studying with majoring on my profession without any difficulties further. I have shown some of my study plan as follows. – Study successfully majoring on my own qualification at the University; Attentively learn all subjects in accordance with appropriate term and planned hours; Get acquainted with the students who have the same purposes as well learn from Chinese history, culture, and life.

I hope that you will look favorably on my application. Therefore accepting this scholarship is a big opportunity of good life and chance to become intelligent knowledge person that I dreamed of and it will be opening door to the my future. As for me, I have full confidence in myself that I am able to study Chinese as faster as I can. I have many advantages to study successfully and keep studying with majoring on my profession without any difficulties further.

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