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Study Plan sample

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The area of specialization I plan to study in the US is Business.

I chose to study this field because it goes with my passion for economics and it will help me realize my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I believe that by becoming an entrepreneur I will not only start a profitable business but also I will be able to bring about change to my community by solving social problems in an innovative and creative way and contributing in the wellbeing of my nations and the world.

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Study Plan sample

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By spending one academic year in the US, I am hoping to develop a set of personal, interpersonal and business skills that would support my journey as a social entrepreneur.

I want to foster my knowledge of the main functional areas of business like finance, marketing, and management, gain a professional experience from the part-time internship and develop some personality traits such as responsibility adaptability and resilience.

In addition, I hope to participate in workshops and in the organization of events to exercise leadership, motivation, enhance my communication and teamwork skills and develop critical and creative thinking manner.

I believe that business and entrepreneurship represents the best solution for Tunisia's financial crisis, because, with every new business launched, new jobs are created decreasing the unemployment rate.

New goods and services are introduced to the market increasing productivity and resulting in the improvement of living standards, and the economic well-being of the country.

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