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The candidates of the minority were hired; everyone was trained in on the COOPS program to learn and understand. The knowledge of what is expected from the citizens and the department had to become one. It wasn’t us versus them, it was all for one.

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COOPS philosophy is that you Improve the community by quality and quantity of legislations and with that the quality of life will Increase.

Communities want a sense of belonging and know they have trust and a common goal between the police department and them. The philosophy includes having knowledge of who lives in the community and what they are concerned with. Skills that are needed, is personality and good communication. Citizens want to talk to a knowledgeable individual, not to a wall; the ability to speak on different levels of education and ages in the community. The Police will need to work on sharing Information between each other, communication goes both ways.

They also need to face problems being proactive, not reactive. Resolving the problem right there and then, not letting the individual wait for an answer by your supervisor. If it is a simple request you should be able to handle it, without repercussion. Some attributes to look for on the screening process, would be problem-solving skills, communication and leadership ability. All three are Important and should be considered Important part of the COOPS program.

Having the understanding of the mission statement and the COOPS program will make them a better Police Officer and successful. Case Study #1 Adapting to the Role: The Laissez-Fairer Supervisor SST. Gresham wanted to keep his relationship as a patrol officer than being a supervisor. Being his crews friend was more important to him, than making sure they did the Job correctly and within the law and regulations. Socializing with them after work and being called by his first name brought him down, Instead of up a level.

As a supervisor you should have a presence, within the group, but not be a part of the group. As SST. Graham’s supervisor I would sit him down and discussion the good and bad of his leadership skill and style. There isn’t one way of being a leader and his should explore other options to be well rounded Individual and super leader. Maybe guide him to courses on becoming a new supervisor and mentor him or find someone else to mentor him. Some people are more of a number person, so show him the numbers of reports or cases before he was the supervisor and now when he s.

Maybe that will get his attention. I would reassure him that he was picked because of his leadership abilities, but now has to act upon them. Some corrective action that SST. Gresham should take with his team is have a one on one conversation of what was happening and what needs to happen. After everyone has been talked to have a group meeting, so everyone hears the same thing Once everyone has been counseled, you can address issues when they are brought to your attention or on individual bases once you reviewed the reports.