Colleges affiliated with Granola Board. My first school was The Educators High School for Boys Cantonment Plaza Shallot where I have studied till my Matriculation. I passed my matriculation in 2011. I always wanted to study abroad and after a lot of research I choose Australia as my destination for further education, because Australia offers an educational experience that makes a real difference.

Australia is a dynamic, vibrant country with energetic, friendly people. Multicultural Australia is English-speaking and a safe and friendly society in which students can learn and travel freely. I choose Sydney because Sydney offers a great lifestyle and high level of safety, making it the number one choice for many international students. Students who choose to study there can be sure they will find the charming combination of a laid-back yet inspirational place to study, learn, and live.

I wish to study at the King’s Owns Institute of Sydney, because t offers a unique educational experience that fosters self-belief, rewards independent thought and fuels inquiring minds. Business Management provide you with both soft skills such as communication, problem solving and ethical understanding to enable you to work with people, as well as the hard skills associated with particular areas of study, including accounting, computing, economics, finance, law, management, marketing, mathematics, operations and project management.

Workplace learning subjects will offer strategic and international perspectives that will prepare you for employment in regional, national and international organizations. After completing my course in Australia I have a lot of opportunities to be availed in Pakistan. I can establish my own business as well as I will devote my services to any reputed or Multinational Organization. I will be skilled enough to work in any Multinational organization as I already have the best communication skills. There is a lot which attracts me to return and render my services to any organization or to my family business.

I achieved 5. 5 bands, overall in my LILTS test. I virtually have command over English language. English is the Basic need of an international student. I will be working to improve my English language and for that I first applying to PIPE (Australian Institute of Professional Education) in PUPAE-English for Academic Purposes course. Pakistan is my final destination since I have my community and family lives here. I am only allowed to study abroad and then I have to come back and live In Pakistan. I also want that.

I have to support my family morally in future. I can’t live without my parents and they will be in Pakistan forever. I belong to a rich family. My father runs his own business, and the name of the company is Bolder Sports. He exports motorbike leather and textile garments. My father is my sponsor; he earns a highly stable and healthy income. My father also has real estate properties worth millions to make sure that I should never face any problem. I may work part-time to learn the organizational culture as well and to have

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