Student Ambassador

When was Hillsdale founded
object of the founders
“to furnish all persons who wish, irrespective of nation, color, or sex, a literary, scientific, [and] theological education” outstanding among American colleges “and to combine with this such moral and social instruction as will best develop the minds and improve the hearts of its pupils”
The College also considers itself a trustee of
our Western philosophical and theological inheritance tracing to Athens and Jerusalem, a heritage finding its clearest expression in the American experiment of self-government under law
How is our liberal arts program different from other school
set courses from certain departments rather than —a certain number of credits per department; gain mastery over essential bodies of knowledge
it is called iberal arts education
liber= free latin and study undertaken by free men
why liberal arts
freed from ignorance and equips them with the tools to convert knowledge into wisdom, or, in other words, to rise to the task of governing one’s self according to virtue.
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What is included in the liberal arts
cultural inheritance – the arts, history, language, and development of our Western civilization
What does the liberal arts teach us
what it is to be human, we are aware of our weaknesses and ways we can develop ourselves
what skills do you develop in a liberal arts education
reading, speaking, and writing;causes and consequences of human action.
what do the liberal arts teach
difference between happenstance and proper consequence so one will be able to think and act appropriately and make right choices.
honor code
A Hillsdale College student is honorable in conduct, honest in word and deed, dutiful in study and service and respectful of the rights of others. Through education the student rises to self-government
hillsdale’s motto
Virtus tentamine gaudet. Strength rejoices in the challenge
who was Hillsdale founded by
freewill baptists
where was Hillsdale originally
spring arbor as Michigan central college
Has hilllsdale ever been affiliated with a church
Faith at Hillsdale?
High value on the freedom of religion as well as the role of God and faith in our education and daily lives; “Religious culture in particular shall be conserved by the College, and by the selection of instructors and other practicable expedients, it shall be a conspicuous aim to teach by precept and example the essentials of the Christian faith and religion.”
Special fact about (race) discrimination
First American college to prohibit in its charter all discrimination based on race, religion, or sex; Advocated the abolition of slavery and the education of black students; Blacks were admitted immediately after the 1844 founding
Special fact about (sex) discrimination
Second college in the nation to grant four-year liberal arts degrees to women
Civil war facts
A higher percentage of Hillsdale College men enlisted in the Civil War than from any other college aside from the military academies; Four Hillsdale students won the Congressional Medal of Honor, three became generals, and many more served as regimental commanders; Prominent speakers who spoke at Hillsdale in this era:
a. Frederick Douglass
b. Edward Everett (spoke before Lincoln at Gettysburg), also gave his library to Hillsdale College when he was president of Harvard
Federal aid?
No federal loans, replaced entirely by private contribution
Type of college
Four-year, independent, liberal arts, co-educational, residential, non-sectarian
size of campus
400 acres, 84 buildings
$431 million, annual operating cost $85 million
13 single-sex residence halls and 7 Greek houses
1,440 full-time students, 50% male, 50% female
Geographic representation
35% from Michigan, 65% representing 48 other states and 13 foreign countries
Academic year
Two semesters, late August to mid-December and mid-January to mid-May
Degrees Offered
Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science
most popular majors and programs
Business (including Economics), Biology, English, History, Politics
135 full time, 48 adjunct; 87% hold highest degree in their disciplines
student to faculty ratio
Average class size
Freshman retention
graduation rate
135 full time, 48 adjunct; 87% hold highest degree in their disciplines
Freshman Profile
30 ACT, 1980 SAT (old) / 1390 SAT (new), 60% in the top 10% of their graduating classes, average incoming GPA of 3.8
Scholarship and financial aid
Need-based, athletic, fine arts and need-blind academic awards available
Majors offered
interdisciplinary majors
7 American Studies, Christian Studies, Comparative, International Studies in
Business and Foreign Language, Political Economy
pre professional programs 7
Pre-Allied Health Services, Pre-
Engineering, Pre-Environmental Sciences,
Pre-Law, Pre-Medicine and Osteopathy,
Pre-Ministerial, Pre-Veterinary Medicine
On campus programs
Herbert H. Dow II Program in American Journalism
– Education Programs, including Classical School Apprenticeship
– Collegiate Scholars Program
– Visiting Fellows Program (Mark Helprin, Mark Steyn, Victor Davis Hanson, etc.)
off campus study
– Washington Journalism Internship and Washington-Hillsdale Internship Program (WHIP) in Washington, D.C.
– Hillsdale College at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland
– Hillsdale in Seville, Spain, Alicante, Spain and Cordoba, Argentina
– Hillsdale/Oxford program at Keble College, Oxford University
– Hillsdale College Summer Program at the Institute de Tourraine, Tours, France
– Hillsdale College/Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany
– Hillsdale College Summer School in Würzburg, Germany
– Hillsdale College at Regent’s College, London
Lecture series/ outreach
Center for Constructive Alternatives, National Leadership Seminars, Imprimis monthly speech digest, Free Market Forums, Hometown Lecture Series
Student athletes
25%, avg. ACT 29
Becoming teachers
Medical school
85% of students who applied to medical school were granted admission, in comparison with the national rate of 40%.
NCAA Division II Affiliation
Member of GLIAC (Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference) (starting Fall 2017 will join G-MAC)
Varsity sports men
Indoor and Outdoor Track
Varsity sports women
Indoor and Outdoor Track
Chi Omega
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Pi Beta Phi
Alpha Tau Omega
Delta Sigma Phi
Delta Tau Delta
Sigma Chi
Do you have graduate programs?
Yes, master’s and doctoral degrees in politics (Approximately 35 graduate students).
What percentage of students live on-campus in residence halls or Greek houses?
Are most of your students from Michigan?
35% and 48 states and 13 foreign countries are represented.
What is your placement rate?
96% within 6 months of graduation, consistent over a period of five years. This figure includes placing students in graduate programs as well as careers of their choice. Typically, 30-40 companies and graduate schools recruit students on Hillsdale’s campus. 21% of Hillsdale grads go onto graduate/professional schools immediately after graduation. About 20% of graduates go on to teach their 1st year after graduation.
What are the admissions requirements?
Hillsdale College does not have an official minimum requirement, but it is very difficult to be admitted below the 3.4 GPA and 25 ACT score mark. Keep in mind that extra-curricular involvement, recommendations, and essays will also factor into the admission decision.
What is the admissions process?
You may apply to Hillsdale College any time after the completion of your junior year of high school. Hillsdale maintains a regular admissions policy, so applications are reviewed and notifications are made according to the application timetable below. Financial aid and scholarship consideration is made after admission has been granted. You may apply to Hillsdale College on-line using our online application, or downloading the .pdf version to submit by mail. There is no charge to apply online. We are also a member of The Common Application online.
Early Decision November 1
Regular Decision April 1
Notification ED December 1
Notification RD December 15 OR 4 wks after submission
How do I apply for financial aid at Hillsdale?
All students seeking need-based financial assistance will need to file Hillsdale College’s own financial aid form. It is available online and can be completed at any time, but will only be evaluated after a student has been admitted to the college.
Do you offer academic scholarships at Hillsdale College?
Yes, from $1,000 to almost full-tuition. Applicants are automatically considered for academic scholarship. Amount of scholarship is dependent on the applicant’s overall competitiveness with the rest of the applicant pool–there is no “rule” of certain scores equaling certain scholarships.
What computer services are offered on campus?
The college has several computer labs that are available to students. Access to both Macs and PCs is offered. Wi-Fi internet access is available in all the computer labs, major buildings, and all residence halls. All residence halls are networked so that students will have Ethernet access in their rooms. Wireless internet is available in the classroom buildings, library, and student union. In addition, all on-campus printing is free of charge to students. Students receive an e-mail account upon enrollment.
How far is the nearest “big city”?
Jackson, MI (35 minutes); Ann Arbor, MI (70 minutes); Toledo, OH (70 minutes); Ft. Wayne, IN (75 minutes); Chicago, IL (3 hours); etc.
What do students do on the weekends?
The geographic diversity on campus ensures that Hillsdale is not a “suitcase campus.” Students may choose to get involved in Student Activities Board functions, Varsity or IM athletic events, music and/or theater performances, activities in the residence halls, Greek functions, coffee houses, movies or shopping in town, not to mention the numerous clubs and organizations on campus
Why don’t you accept any federal or state taxpayer funding?
On the pretext that some of its students were receiving federal loans, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare attempted to interfere with the College’s internal affairs. This unprecedented expansion of government in education bothered the College, who believed that education should shape the governed, rather than having government shape education. Additionally, the practice of counting students by race would be mandated – a practice that the College found to violate the principles of true equality that appeared in its charter. In order to uphold its mission, Hillsdale’s trustees responded with two toughly worded resolutions: One, the College would continue its policy of non-discrimination. Two, “with the help of God,” it would “resist, by all legal means, any encroachments on its independence.”
Tuition, room, board, fees (billed costs)
$35,722/year (not including books)
Percentage of students who receive financial aid:
96% (merit, athletic, need-based, grants, and institutional loans)
Average student aid package
$17,031/year (includes all forms of aid, including loans)
Average student debt at graduation
$25,502 (50% + of students graduate with no debt)
Club sports
compete against other college club teams.
Greek life
#29 in the nation, 4 frats, 3 sororities
Food and Dining
• Most students eat in the cafeteria, required for freshmen
• Meal Plans:
o 15- or 19-meal plan per week
o 150 or 200 block plan with charger change
o 10-meal plan or 100 block for off-campus
• Special dietary needs accommodated
• AJ’s Café open late
There is a 24-hour security patrol and on-call guards. Students are asked to program the Security hotline into cell phones. Escorts to residence halls can be arranged at night. Call boxes available. Residence Halls are monitored in evening hours and locked overnight. Emphasize the safe nature of Hillsdale and the HC campus.
Health and Wellness Center
9-5, doctor 8-9 weekdays
Historic Highlights
Central hall was built in 1853 as the original academic building on Hillsdale College’s new campus (the college moved from its founding location in Spring Arbor, MI to Hillsdale in 1853). Widely hailed as one of the finest examples of architecture in academia at the time, the building succumbed to a disastrous fire in the winter of 1874 leaving only one third of it standing. The building that you see today was rebuilt in 1874 and refurbished in 1906. Both the 1853 and 1874 cornerstones can be seen on the east side of the building. A Bible that was placed inside the original cornerstone contains a prayer that speaks to the unwavering commitment of the college: “May earth be better and heaven be richer because of the life and labor of Hillsdale College.”
Dean of men and women
o First semester freshmen “get to know you” meetings
o Check-in meetings for sophomores to help students think about potential fields of studies or careers, connecting them with Career Services and involvements on campus.
o Senior exit interviews
• Development & alumni offices
• President’s and Provost’s offices
• Mail Room
Professors offices
Strosacker/ Dow Science
Chem, Bio, Math/Physics
Fun science facts
new chem lab with 24 hoods, state of the art equipment, Conservation Lab with DNA Genetic Analyzer, Anatomy lab with human cadaver access, greenhouse, Natural History Museum, atomic force tunneling microscope, quantum optics lab
Science student facts
full access to the facilities and equipment here, access that is rare for many undergraduate students. For example, some medical students have less access to a cadaver than other anatomy students. The liberal arts core requires three 3-credit classes
Off campus science program
• Rockwell Research Station— largest of any private institution in MI (685 acres)
• Marine Biology summer trip (Florida keys)
• South Africa project
• LAUREATES program
o Provides a combined $120,000 for six week summer research program for Hillsdale science students
• Over a million volumes
• Heritage room (which houses rare and first edition books along with the Alwin C. Carus Coin Collection)
• Michigan eLibrary Catalogue (MeLCat) service
• Mossey Library houses over 950,000 holdings including many rare and special collections
• The library includes the personal libraries of Ludwig von Mises and Russell Kirk
• The library employs over 30 students during the year
• The library (and campus) is fully equipped with Wi-Fi and also houses high speed printers with free black and white printing.
• Markel Auditorium: theatre productions, orchestra performances, black box performances
• Graphics lab upstairs
• Art and dance studios on the main level
• Theatre dressing rooms in the basement
• 27 practice rooms
• McNamara Rehearsal Hall: small recitals and rehearsals (Orchestra, Choirs and Big Band)
• Conrad Recital Hall: small recitals and master classes
• “Echo” spots in the middle of each rotunda area: the exact center provides an unusually resonant area that is a fun acoustic experience.
• Music professors’ offices
Sports Complex
Swimming pool and whirlpool
• Outdoor track
• 4 racquetball courts
• Fitness Center
• New JAM Weight Room
• Physiology lab
• New dance/aerobics studio
• IM fields
• Coaching and Administrative offices
• Frank “Muddy” Waters Stadium (football) with capacity of 7,000
• Climbing wall
• Stadium-style seating in the basketball court
• Golf simulator
• New outdoor tennis courts
Track fun fact
200-meter track is made of the same state-of-the-art surface as the London Olympic Games.
Biermann Athletic Center
• Four state-of-the-art acrylic tennis courts
• Courts convert for volleyball
• Six-lane, 200-meter NCAA regulation track
• Widest 200-meter track in the world (100-meter nine lane straightaway)
• Long jump and triple jump runway and pit.
• 2 pole vault stations
• Air-conditioned
• Training rooms, coaches’ offices, Men’s and ladies’ locker rooms
Lane and Kendall
• Mainly humanities and social sciences classes are taught in these buildings
• Classrooms are open for student use until 2 am each night
• Psychology Lab in Kendall
• Knorr Family Dining Room
• AJ’s Café 1844
• Bookstore
• Formal Lounge
• Student Government, SAB, and Student Publications offices
Knorr (old) student center
• Dow Conference Center
o CCA and business seminars
o Parents can stay in the Dow hotel when visiting
• Placement and Career Planning
o Help with resumés, bringing in businesses, mock interviews, etc
o Our placement rate is 98% over 5 years into grad school or the workforce within 6 months of graduation
o About 25% of our students enter grad school immediately after graduation and this number jumps to 45% three to five years after graduation
• Father Adam Rick’s office in the Career Planning Office
o Point out Hillsdale is not religiously affiliated, but encourages students to develop their faith
Searle Center
new home of many on-campus events and banquets, including CCA’s, homecoming receptions, Parent’s weekend dinners, President’s Ball, weddings, and more.
Conversation Straters
• How did you hear about Hillsdale?
• Are you looking mostly at smaller schools?
• Have you done any other campus visits?
• What other schools are you considering?
• What classes are you taking?
• What is your favorite class?
• What activities are you involved with in high school?
• In what activities do you want to participate in college?
• Do you have any siblings? Did they go to college? Where?
• How big is your high school?
• What are you doing for Spring/Christmas/Summer vacation?
• What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
• Ask questions about where they’re from, especially if they’re from a long distance. For example: Have you always lived in Oregon? Do you do a lot of skiing out there? What is your weather like? Do you have any classmates considering out-of-state schools? Had you ever been to Michigan before?