Structure of the Essay Terms

The first paragraph of an essay; includes hook and thesis statement
the first sentence of an essay; should grab the reader’s attention; can be a questions, exclamation, powerful statement, or other techniques discussed in class.
Thesis Statement
a single declarative sentence that states what you want your readers to know, believe, or understand after having read your essay
Topic Sentence
thesis support in sentence form; usually the first sentence of a body paragraph; introduces or summarizes the focus of the body paragraph
Body Paragraph
a paragraph of support for the thesis; must have topic sentence and details and/or examples
facts, statistics, sensory details, incidents, anecdotes, examples, analogies, rhetorical question, or dialogue that support the topic sentence of a body paragraph
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the last paragraph of the essay; includes a modified thesis and a clincher
a word, phrase or sentence that connects sentence to sentence within the paragraph; paragraph to paragraph within the essay
What is your role as writer of this essay? It helps you decide your point of view.
the reader(s) of your essay; helps writer determine content and style.
the form your writing will take; essay, letter, news story, review, lecture etc…
subject of your piece; main idea of your essay
Strong Verb (Purpose)
directs the writer to the writing purpose, e.g. persuade, analyze, compare, contrast, create, predict, defend, evaulate etc..
a provocative question, quotation, vivid image, call for action, warning or suggestion to the reader; leaves the reader thinking about your essay.