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Stress Log

Stress log Psychology 101 – Influence of the Media Assignment (40 pts) Fall 2010 DUE: After viewing Killing us softly 4 (2010), write a 2-3 page paper (600-800 words) on the influence of media and advertising on the public, both men and women.All papers should be typed and double-spaced.In your paper: 1.

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Discuss the assertion made in Killing Us Softly that the purpose of advertising is to sell us what we don’t need, to sell us values, and to sell us concepts of normal. (6 pts) 2. Using both videos and magazine pictures, discuss how media and advertising images affect how you see yourself, how you see others, and how others see you. 6 pts)

3. Dr. Kilbourne does not advocate censorship, or banning all advertisements. What other ways do individuals have to protect themselves from any ill effects from advertising? What role would critical thinking play? (8 pts) 4. Using your chapter on Motivation and Emotion, demonstrate how advertising and media, generally, motivate our behaviors. (8 pts) 5. Do you believe that there are cumulative effects of these media messages? Whether your answer is yes or no, give reasons. (6 pts) 6. Grammar/spelling (3 pts) 7. Make sure you cite the movie in text using APA style (3 pts).

See information below for citing a movie APA style In APA format the movie can be cited several ways. The movie title should always be italicized. If you describe a scene by saying something like: In the movie Killing us softly 4 (2010), Dr. Kilbourne says…… The title is italicized and the year is in parentheses. If you describe a scene by saying something like: Dr. Kilbourne says that advertisements are created to sell us values (Killing us softly 4, 2010). The title is italicized and both the title and year go in the parentheses before the period at the end of the sentence.

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