stress and wellness

A person who is in the communal effort phase after a disaster
may feel weary
These type of programs typically offer group sessions to trauma survivors with 72 hours of the traumatic event.
________ is the study of how mental processes influence the immune system.
Roberto knew he had not tried hard enough on the final exam and deserved the lower grade. He told himself that he would definitely study harder next time. This is an example of
internal locus of control
Holmes and Rahe created the ________ to rate the stress associated with various life changes.
Social Readjustment Rating Scale
________ is the area of study that is comparable to behavioral medicine.
Health Psychology
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________ involves relieving emotional pressure either directly or indirectly.
Which of the following is a benefit of regular exercise?
All of the above
A person who has ________ is likely to cope well during stress since this person sees the stressor as a challenge.
high levels of hardiness
________ is the first stage by which the body attempts to cope with a stressor.
alarm reaction
________ refers to the diminished effectiveness of the immune response.
Which of the following is the essential source of stress for college students?
the lack of structure associated with the freedom of college
During the alarm reaction to a stressor, the hypothalamus triggers an emergency response in the
adrenal glands
A landmark study that highlighted the importance of perceived control on health
arranged for the residents to assume more responsibility for their routine.
In coping with a loss, efforts to make sense of what happened or to find some ultimate benefit from the loss are examples of ______________, which is an ____________ coping strategy.
finding meaning; effective
This is a hormone produced by both men and women in response to a stressor.
The term general adaptation syndrome was coined by ________.
Hans Selye
The stress endured by a person whose relationship is ended by death or divorce can produce
a and c
________ refers to a passive resignation to one’s fate following recurring failure or punishment.
learned helplessness
The “straw that broke the camel’s back” is most likely to occur during the
stage of resistance
When visiting your Aunt Jane in California last year, an earthquake struck the area. The earthquake would qualify as a
traumatic stressor
After our body’s initial arousal response to a stressor, next comes
fight or flight response
________ refers to a temporary stress-related pattern of arousal with a clear onset and endpoint.
acute stress
A challenging or threatening situation is termed a(n)
One UCLA study found that the Latino population is _____ less likely to die from heart disease or cancer than non-Hispanic whites.
Critical incident program sessions occur within 72 hours and are ___________ hours long.
A loud noise at the front door of your apartment at 3 a.m. is a(n) ________; the changes in your perspiration level is termed ________.
stressor, stress
People who are described as Type A personalities are more likely than most people to suffer from
all of the above
Acute stress activates the ________, whereas chronic stress ________.
natural immunity responses; deteriorates immune function
Selye proposed the ________ to account for the basic pattern of physical responses that occur regardless of which severe stressor is presen
general adaptation syndrome
In terms of health, the riskiest component of the Type A pattern of behavior is
An example of ________ would be a situation in which a person who is stressed about public speaking imagines the audience dressed only in their underwear.
cognitive reconstruction
________________ reduce the effects of stress on our health, while ___________ decrease our vulnerability to both stress and to stress-related illness.
Coping strategies; lifestyle choices
When those who underwent a severe ordeal are now recalling and reliving the event, they are experiencing
Studies using the Social Readjustment Rating Scale have found that
there is a relationship between life changes and health changes.
subjective well being is another name for
If Dr. Matarazzo wants to help her patient Shirley battle cancer, the best strategy to help Shirley comply with the treatment would be to
give Shirley treatment options, and let her choose one.
Shortly after Louisa learned that her mother had been killed in an automobile accident, she walked around her hometown for hours not knowing where she was. She was probably exhibiting
psychic numbness
Which group of combat veterans are most likely to develop posttraumatic stress disorder?
those who killed the enemy in combat
The ________ is characterized by a pattern of impatient, competitive, and hostile behavior.
type A pattern
When nursing home residents were able to assume more responsibility for their routine all of the following happened EXCEPT:
residents lifespan were negatively effected
An optimistic thinking style involves a belief that one’s problems are
specific, external, and temporary.
Several processes may contribute to the physical and mental deterioration seen in the exhaustion phase EXCEPT
a stronger immune system.
________ is the medical field that studies the link between lifestyle and disease.
behavioral medicine
Which of the following stressors would be the most likely to cause the immune system to malfunction and even cause harm?
caring for a dying family member for a prolonged period
A formerly dedicated physician who has lost her sense of caring and concern for her patients would be experiencing
After suffering a rape, Kathy feels a psychic numbness, she has some memory and sleep problems, and she has difficulty concentrating. Kathy is most likely suffering from
The first stage in Selye’s GAS is ____________________.
Which of the following is a factor that makes it difficult for a smoker to quit smoking?
all of the above
A score on the Social Readjustment Rating Scale represents the sum total of recent
life change units.
The Latino population has overall better health compared to ____________.
A person who has been battling cancer and is now in the stage of resistance should be aware that
they may have great trouble handling new stressors.
The most common source of employee distress is
their immediate supervisor.
The ________________ contains several pleasure centers that create good feelings when aroused by electrical stimulation, drugs, chocolate, or exciting activities.
limbic system
A dietary deficiency in ________ can lead to listlessness and exhaustion.
You decided to visit your new college a week earlier to meet with a couple of the professors and your advisor in order to reduce your stress about being a freshman and doing well. This is known as
Despite the difficulties in quitting smoking, an estimated _______ million smokers have kicked the habit.
Quite often, people with depression and those who are under a great deal of stress continue to mull over negative thoughts which can compromise their immune systems. This is known as
An example of a chronic societal stressor is __________________.
widespread unemployment
Greg has a Type A personality, and he just had a heart attack. He is most likely to
be helped by stress management therapy.
To cope with the stress over a looming exam, you must do all of the following EXCEPT:
reschedule the test at a later time.
During cognitive restructuring, a person reduces stress by dealing with the issues of
uncertainty about impending events and a sense of control.
Nearly __________ of all employees identify the worst aspect of their job as their immediate supervisor.
________ refers to a passive resignation to one’s fate following recurring failure or punishment.
learned helplessness
________ involves providing advice, while ________ includes the provision of money, transportation, and housing.
Social support; tangible support