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Strategic Plan Outline

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UNIVERSITY OF BELIZE MGMT 490 - BUSINESS STRATEGY AND POLICY How to Structure The Strategic Plan Guidelines Executive Summary This is written to the scope and level of content that an "outsider" can read the summary and grasp the vision, mission of the organization, its overall goals and objectives, major strategic issues and the key strategies implemented to attain the goals. Section 1 – Current situation 1.

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Strategic Plan Outline

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. Strategic Posture: Current Mission, Current Vision Current Values

Current Objectives Current Strategies Current Policies 3. Past Strategic Performance Indicators (if available): Market share Sales Growth Net Profit Margin Return on Equity Investment Other? (Depending on the type of business/industry) Section 2 – External Environment, Opportunities and Threats (EFAS) 2. 1 General Environment (PEST, Gap Analysis, etc) 2. 2 Task Environment (Porters five forces, Strategic Map) 2. 3 External Factor Analysis Summary Section 3 – Internal Environment, Strengths and Weaknesses (IFAS) 3. 1Value Chain analysis . 2Corporate Structure 3. 3Corporate Resources: Marketing Finance Human Resource Operations and Logistics Information Systems 3. 4Internal Factor Analysis Summary Section 4 – Competitive Strength Assessment based on Key Success Factors Quality/product performanceCustomer Service Capability Reputation/imageOther? Manufacturing capability Technological skills and know-how Dealer/distribution capability New product innovation capability Financial resources Relative cost position Section 5 – Analysis of Major Strategic Factors SFAS . 1 Key Internal and External Factors (SWOT) 5. 2 Competitive advantages/disadvantages, Competitive position improving/slipping 5. 2 Review of Mission and Objectives Section 6 – Alternatives and Recommendations 1. Strategic Alternatives 2

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